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Vicki Damante
Vicki Damante
Los Angeles, CA | view full profilemore

TV: Segment Co-Host in "Mo'Nique"; Featured Family in "Vacation Challenge"; Role of Homowner in "America's Best Made Home"; Reality Show Pilot/Role of Ex-Wife in "Take My Wife...Please"; Infomercial Host in "Optimizer"; Infomercial Model/Testimonial in "Zip-It Handbag"; Infomercial Model/Testimonial in "Bare Minerals Make-up"; Infomercial Testimonial in "70's Music Explosion"; Infomercial Testimonial in "Fast Tan"; Infomercial Testimonial in "Rainbow Steamer"; Infomercial Testimonial in "Optum SPS"; Infomercial Testimonial in "Computer Craig"; Commercial in "Intimate Glow"; Commercial in "Lemon Fest"; Commercial in "American Idol/Ford"; Music Video Mom in "Diecast Video"; Infomercial Testimonial in "Jack LaLanne Juicer"; Game Show Contestant in "Card Sharks"; Infomercial Testimonial in "Aurigold Detailing Wax"

Modeling: Brochure in "Vieta Coffee"; Catalog in "Bare Minerals"; Cover in "Runners World"; Advertorial in "World Tennis"; Brochure in "Amagen"; Brochure in "Kaiser Permanente"; Billboard/Poster in "First Entertainment Credit Union"; Make-up Ad in "Max Factor"

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