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Iris Karina

Union Affiliation: AFTRA, SAG
Gender: Female
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 5' 2" (157 cm)
Weight: 112 Lbs (51 kg)


Ryan Mcbay
Elysium Talent Agency
(310) 966-0411
Los Angeles
United States
Iris Karina

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Ronnie & Inga  Katherine Finkel Roster LA
Pretender  Steve Job's Friend Gallagher Productions
Actor for Hire  Casting Director The Reliever Film LLC
I Will love  Grandmother Rick Robinson, New Media Tribes
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Revelations  Grandmother Bruno Marccotulli, Marccotulli Inc.
The Vehicle  Hortense Martense Angellebon Inc.
Blank Bodies  Flevvey Ryan Weatrowski/Chang Films
Trapped in Abyss  Kathleen Hicks Shabeer Sinmialebbe, IBTV Media
Brando Unauthorized  Voice Coach Damian Chapa, Amadeus Pictures
Ottos Otte  Hilde Anna Bolster, Kaskeline Produktion
Seven Nights  Marie Stephan Taubert, H.K. Entertainment
The Ghostwriter  Woman In Black Roman Polanski, R.P. Produktion
Short Cut to Hollywood  Mrs. Salinger Jan, Stahlberg, Bavaria Film
The Conrad Boys  Patient Justin Lo, Newport Films
Casting Couch  Anna Paul Horn, Santa Monica Films
Rose and Harry  Store Owner The Limits Films
City of Angels  Lawyer Robert Barish, C.O.A. Films
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A House by the Sea  Anna Karl Lohninger, Midnight Oil Films
The Vehicle  Hortense Martense Angel Lebon, Angellebon Inc.
Cirque  Circus Director Katrina Frederick, UCLA
Clowning  Sara Stan Becker, Papanova Film
Fountain of Youth  Elderly Woman David Morgan, F.O.Y. Prod.
Tracing a Life  Camry Rafael Cortina, Oxy Prod.
Ageless Love  Mina Daniel Gonzales, A.L. Prod.
City Lights  Etta Kingslee Purcell, Kingdomcgm Pictures
We Give Up  Preacher John Suits, New Artists Alliance
Off The Record  Grammy Nicholas DeRuve, Read Between the Lines
Jeans  Dody Paul Goodin, Sinful Dwarf Production


Jonas Kaufmann   Woman in her Living Room Universal Music/Ambulance Film
VW Side Assist  Mother of Hannibal Greg Bray, Ambulance Film
Black Out  Interviewed Person Silversee Film
Condom   Ilse Fricker Film & Medienproduktion
My Crazy Ex  Grandma Painless TV/Lifetime Channel
America here I come  House Lady Conrad Riggs Production
Timm   Mother-in-Law Deutsche Film Werke
Declassified/The Myers  Gwenolyn Myers All3Media America / CNN
Evil Things  Psychic Discovery Channel
Peaceful Sleep  Grandmother DMKL Agency
Unusual Suspects  Edith Malkin LMNO Productions/Discovery Channel
Cartwheel  Grandmother Andy Haskins, Disney Channel
VW Golf 7 Activation  Iris RSA Films
Ghost Ghirls  Betty Jack Black for SyFy Channel
The Elisted  Grandmother Angel Lebon for Comedy Central
Blaqstarr 'Dear Diamond'  Proper Woman Safe Content for EBT Channel
Johnny & Luie  Alina Mike Dones/180 reels
Clemmys Ice Cream  Secretary Mercuryfilm
The Guy from Last Night  Janette Krayer Derek Milton/DR.OCK production


Dead Broke  Patricia Wilson Do It Live Productions LTD


Illustrative  Marlene Dietrich Funk Media Lounge
Black Out  Burger King Client Silversee Film
Berlin Calling  Marlene Universal Music
Special Skills
Academic painter, singer, designer, milliner.
The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute,
Method Acting/Carlos Colunga,
Method Acting/David Strasberg,
Scene Study TV/Anne de Salvo,
Acting for TV & Film/David Salsa,
Audition Techniques/Ilia Volok/Herbert Barraza

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