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 Boston, MA
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Member Spotlight 
Steve Spewock
Steve Spewock
Boston, MA | view full profilemore

Film: Marathon Medical Volunteer (featured) in "Patriots Day"; Photo Double for Jason Segel in "The Discovery"; Wounded Homeless Man in "Purge 3: The Code"; Concert Security Guard (featured) in "Ghostbusters"; Fisherman #3 (credit) in "Year By The Sea"; Red Sox Fan in "Spotlight"; Pavilion Club Crony (featured) in "Irrational Man"; Miami Street Vendor in "Black Mass"; Grocery Shopper in "Ted 2"; Redneck Bar Regular (featured) in "The Judge"; Shop-Mart Associate (featured) in "The Equalizer"; Elementary School Parent in "American Hustle"; Construction Landscaper in "Clear History"; Stand-in for Mike Rapaport, Tom Wilson in "The Heat"; Water Wizz Party Animal (featured) in "The Way, Way Back"; Houlton Mills Local in "Labor Day"; K-Mart Porta-Potty Shopper (featured) in "Grown Ups 2"; Orange Tree Neighbor in "RIPD"; Boston Esplanade Jogger in "Ted"; Fitness Club Tennis Player in "Here Comes The Boom!"; Christmas Tree Proprietor (featured) in "I Don't Know How She Does It?"; Wedding Reception Guest in "Zookeeper"; Mr. Morris (lead's father) in "Bound To Me"; Storm Cleanup Crewperson in "The Perfect Storm"; Law Board Member in "A Civil Action"; Mass. Congressman (featured) in "Amistad"; Explosion Victim in "The Next Karate Kid 4"; Brandt ap Io (lead's brother) in "Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri"; Cocaine Party Patron in "Scathed"; Gold Heist Witness in "Die Hard With A Vengeance"; Asst. District Attorney (featured) in "Killer: A Journal of Murder"; News Station Reporter (featured) in "First"; MIT Grad Student in "Blown Away"; Bathroom Lover in "The Gaming Table"; Harvard Student in "With Honors"; Boxer's Bar Regular (featured) in "Night and the City"; Football Double for Ben Affleck in "School Ties"

List of spotlight members is generated monthly. Boston Spotlight Talent in July.