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Greg Bronson

Gender: Male
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 5' 11" (180 cm)
Weight: 160 Lbs (73 kg)
Greg Bronson

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The Final Choice  "Ted Seymour" (Evfa Cerises)
The Fourth Reich  "Shopkeeper" (JW Lee)
Max Rencher in 'Mice to Meet You'  "Mad Scientist" (Carl Jensen)
Billy Syko  "LEADER" ( Enzo Treppa)
Intersect  "Professor" (Gus Holwerda)
The Happy Couple  "Pastor" (Rachel Wiggins)
Up/Down  "Man in Shower" (Kyle Ghering)
The Long Road  "Mob Leader" (Jarek King)
What Water Gives  "Randal" (X Roze)
Camp 139  "Sheriff" (Matt Adams)
Man of the House  "Escaped Mental Patien" (Teodor Vladimirov)
Paranoia  "Homeless Man" (Bivas Biwas)
Man's Best Friend  "Bike Shop Owner" (X Roze)
Rozey's Field  "Pete Kraft" (Justin Mack)
Dead Man's Hand  "The Dealer" (Tyson Smith)
Did I Do Good?  Homeless Man Dave Parrish (Ace Masters)
What She Sees in Him  "David" (Joseph Jauch)
Raindrops  "Homeless Man" (Vaughn Gray)
C-Stand  "Key Grip" (Carl Jensen)
Temporary Sanity  "Mental Patient" (Tyson Smith)
Western X  "S'Danna" (Michael Flores)
Deadly Motives  "Graves" (Iverson Carmona)
Coyote Requiem  "Homeless Man" (Jason Leher)
Under The Bridge  "Scavenger" (Brenton Covington)
The Undying  "Vietnam Veteran Zombie" (Dan Senatore)
Old Macdonald  "Joe Macdonald" (Tim Martin)
SKEW  "Psychologist" (Tory Weissert )
The Shooting of Dan McGrew  "Mountain Man" (Jonathan Banes)
Choices Made  "Mr. Hillard" (Dan Weecks)
Karma  "Rufus" (X Roze)
LATE  "Frank" (Phillip Karagas)
Break Time  "Dwight" (LaChelle Hunt)
Haus Takes  "Puppeteer" (Loren Davis)
Within  "Roman (The Rain King) Vasiliev" (Ryan Pierson)
DRINK  "AA Member" (Ryan Kjolberg)
Bad Blood & Holy Water  "Old Man" (Jo Nathan Maiuri)
Romeo & Hamlet  "King Hamlet's Ghost" (Niel Sparks/Trevor Spotted-Eagle)
Beards VS Mustaches  "King Beard" (Elissa Eve)
Highway  "Old Man" (Adam Hanson)
A Stray  "Crossing Guard" (Hayden Blades)
"T" is for Tourettes  "Aldo" (Chris Martin)
House of Crumb  "Netley" (Sean Hennessey)
Ender's Game  "Colonel Graff" (Harrison Bahe)
Reckless Abandon  "Farmer Claypool" (Chris Martin)
Surfer Rosa  "Old Man" (Michael Faulhaber)
Falling Away  "Luci" (Sean Whiteman)
Death Spares Not The Tiger  "Grampa" (Austin Moede)
See No Evil  "Old Man" (Sean Harper)
Karma  "Homeless Man" (Anthony Umina)
Outside Man  "Ruben Kartwell" (Matthew Walker)
Matthew Is  "Godly Matthew" (X Roze)
The Sunshine Girls  "Television Evangelist" (Kevin R. Phipps)
Western X  "Post Office Clerk" (Michael Flores)
Ignorant Bliss  "Dr. Brennon" (Daniel S. Kim)
What The Czech  "Czech Prisoner" (Cejas Briceno)
Fresh Canned Help  "Dan" Michelle Culver (Jeffrey Goldstein)
Losing Time  "Charles" (Kyle Hill)
Luck  "Jim" (Emily Warren)
Inquisition  "Isaac" (Kyle Ghering)
Set It Off  "Businessman & Police Officer" (F. Gary Gray)
Mars Attacks  "Businessman at newstand" (Tim Burton)
Bright & Shining Lie  "Mourner" (Terry George)
Progeny  "Police Officer" (Brian Yuzna)
Doris Duke  "Chauffer" (John Erman)
Independence Day  "Police Officer" (Roland Emmerich)
Beautiful  "Lobster" (Sally Field)
The Sweetest Thing  "Man in Bathrobe" (Roger Kumble)
The Box  "Pizza Guy" supporting (David Riggs)
Sealed with a Rose  "Homeless man" & "Pastor" Viknesh Silva (Bad Colours Prod.)
SUNDOWN  "George" (Alexis Pajak)
Ironic Faith  "Homeless Man" (Naeem Harris)
Commercial Defender  "Old Man" (Finnen Ceresis)
Water  "Homeless Man" (Kevin A. Mckee)
The Devil's Pawn  "Mephistopheles" (Chris Heck)
Sanctified  "BEAST's" Trainer (Tommy Cipolaro)
Cutter  "Dave Cutter" (X Roze)
Crossroads  "Hasidic Rabbi" (Kevin R. Phipps)
All In  "Grimm Bronco" Robin Cote' & Rory Pierce (Scorpio Squared Prod.)
Righteous Ways  "Homeless man" & "Construction Foreman" (Nicholas Quesada)
Spare Change  "Homeless man" (Geoffrey McCarthy)
Hot Diggity Dog  "Hot Dog Vendor" (Braverijah Sage)
Signing Off  "Instructor" (Tyler Anderson)
American Anxiety  "Bartender" (Aaron Neal Trout)
Lost Mail  "Homeless man" (Beth A. Alspaugh & Kevin R. Phipps)
Soulman  "Sullivan" Speedie


E.R.  "Cab Driver" featured
The Client  "Police Officer" featured
The Monroes  "Bar Patron" featured
3rd Rock from the Sun  "Restaurant patron" featured
Brooklyn South  "Detective" regular
Working  "Singer in Elevator" featured
X Files  "Medical Tech." featured
Wayans Brothers  "Man at Auction" featured
Family Law  "Mailman" regular
Diagnosis Murder  "Asst. D.A." featured


Will 2k  "Police Officer w/whistle (featured) 1940's spec" Will Smith


Rex Destiny  "Elijah" (Patrick Carroll)
Red Sand (A Mass Effect Fan Film)  "Marauder Leader" (Paul DeNegris)
Temporary Setbacks  "Redneck" (Rock Shroeter )
The Magickal  "Beercan" (Sean David Wright )
Voyage Trekkers  "Milfor" (Nathan Blackwell)
addictDEAD  "Mark Desedo" (X Roze)


Restraining Order  "Asst. Propmaster" (Lee H. Katzin)
Nutty Professor 2  "Stand-In" (John Ales) (Peter Segal)
Phantoms  "Stand-In" (Utility) (Joe Chappelle)
Clockstoppers  "Stand-In" (Utility) (Jonathan Frakes)
How High  "Stand-In" (Fred Willard) (Jesse Dylan)
Hellraiser 5  "Stand-In" (James Remar) (Scott Derrickson)
Prophecy 3  "Stand-In & Photo Double" (Christopher Walken) (Patrick Lussier)
Special Skills
Own period wardrobe (1800s to 1990s)

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