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Welcome to Rachel Ruiz Carrera from Waxahachie TX, our newest member.

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Untitled Horror Film
Los Angeles, CA

A 13 year old girl is discovered sitting in a puddle of blood with her parent's dead bodies still on the master bed next to her. She is taken to a Children's Mental Health facility for the criminally insane. It is up to Laura Hobbs, a renowned child psychologist, to find out what...

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Larry Jack Dotson
Larry Jack Dotson
Kaufman, TX

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Acting Experience

Film: Lead/Tom Mosley in "The Stopping Place"; Supporting/Doc in "Shroud"; Lead/The Preacher in "Touched"; Supporting/AttorneyTim Badler in "Black Mold Exposure"; Supporting/Detective Robarger in "The Van Zandt Shakedown"; Supporting/Mr. Evans in "Close Call"; Audience Member in "Rain"; Airport Passenger in "Ciao"; Bar Patron in "The Safety Of Others"; FBI Agent/Hostage in "Franks Last Shot"; Supporting/Jason Harper in "Heaven Ten Miles"; Supporting/Mr. Reynolds in "Forever Never"; Supporting/Dr. Charles Brandon in "The Sisters Four"; Lead/Michael Mosca in "What Is Gothic?"; Supporting/Sergeant Hammond in "Murder By Mistake"; Dual Supporting/Dr.James Fredrick/George the loan in "Infidelity"; Supporting/Gerald the coroner in "American Cartel"; Lead/Eugene Mathis in "Cold Water"; Supporting/Grandad McCubbin in "Through Thick And Thin"; Viet Nam Veteran in "The Youngest Was The Most Loved"; Supporting/Ben Gentry in "The Fifth"; Lead/Tim Russell in "Faux Finish"; Supporting/Sheriff in "No Change"; Lead/Thomas in "Better Left Broken"; Supporting/Judge Grayson in "Nothing Left"; Supporting/Jim the Mechanic in "Revenge of the Grasshoppers"; Supporting/Dr. Penser in "The Perfect Match"; Lead/William Grimes in "Accepting Adria"; Lead/Franklin Craft in "The Reckoning"; Lead/Reverend Clyde Crawford in "Copperhead Road"; Supporting/Mr. Henry in "Evidence of a Haunting"; Supporting/Ron McDarkevil in "Unnatural 20: The search for Steve"; Lead/Walter in "David"; Mortician in "Inventors and Vendors"; Supporting/Patrick Marnier in "Ashes"; Lead/Gordon in "On Down The Line"; Lead/Derek in "Alien Zombie Invasion"; Supporting/Special Agent Rollins in "Night Lab"; President in "Departure"; Reverend Woodard in "Bernie"

TV: Lead/Dr. Bil in "American Stud"; Interviewee/Protestor in "A House Divided"; Reporter in "Prison Break season 2 episode1"; Recovering addict in "Prison Break season 2 episodes 4 & 5"; Bar Patron in "Inspector Mom"; Lead/Testimonial in "New Homes Lifestyle"; Supporting/Sheriff in "Friday Night Lights"; Lead/Dr. John Harvey Kellogg in "The Genesis of Healing"; Lead/Jack Ruby in "JFK: The Ruby Connection"; Ranger in "Cowboy and Lucky "; Supporting/Detective Hammond in "Final Witness"

Theater: Paul in "To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday"

Music: Theatre Patron in "Stay Saved"; Dad in "Josh Abbott Band"; Aging Rocker in "Snake Skin Prison/Alcohol of Fame"

Internet: Principal Web/TV in "AeroMexico"; Senior Pastor Jeffrey in "Saved"

Appearances: Lead singer & Front Man in "Higher Ground Quartet"

Print: Principal/Web/TV in "AeroMexico"; Principal/In Store in "Mr. Gatti's"; Extra/Football Fan in "SBC/AT&T"; Principal in "Enspire Learning"

Other: Principal/VOC in "Energy Depot"; Principal/VOC in "Alcon Labs Sales Video"; Principal/VOC in "Dallas Mavericks"; Principal/MOS in "Ford Motor Company"; Supporting/MOS in "West Nile Virus PSA"; Shopper/MOS in "Texas Rangers"; Extra/MOS in "On The Border"; Extra/MOS in "Radio Shack"; Grandfather in "Univera "The Gift""; Airport Passenger in "American Airlines"

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