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Welcome to Rachel Ruiz Carrera from Waxahachie TX, our newest member.

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Five struggling filmmakers are frustrated due to the difficult time that they are having attempting to break into Hollywood. In their dejected state, they create an ingenious plan to win producers and executives approval. It is a success and they launch Hollywood careers.

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Larry Jack Dotson
Larry Jack Dotson
Kaufman, TX

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Acting Experience

Film: Lead/Tom Mosley in "The Stopping Place"; Supporting/Doc in "Shroud"; Lead/The Preacher in "Touched"; Supporting/AttorneyTim Badler in "Black Mold Exposure"; Supporting/Detective Robarger in "The Van Zandt Shakedown"; Supporting/Mr. Evans in "Close Call"; Audience Member in "Rain"; Airport Passenger in "Ciao"; Bar Patron in "The Safety Of Others"; FBI Agent/Hostage in "Franks Last Shot"; Supporting/Jason Harper in "Heaven Ten Miles"; Supporting/Mr. Reynolds in "Forever Never"; Supporting/Dr. Charles Brandon in "The Sisters Four"; Lead/Michael Mosca in "What Is Gothic?"; Supporting/Sergeant Hammond in "Murder By Mistake"; Dual Supporting/Dr.James Fredrick/George the loan in "Infidelity"; Supporting/Gerald the coroner in "American Cartel"; Lead/Eugene Mathis in "Cold Water"; Supporting/Grandad McCubbin in "Through Thick And Thin"; Viet Nam Veteran in "The Youngest Was The Most Loved"; Supporting/Ben Gentry in "The Fifth"; Lead/Tim Russell in "Faux Finish"; Supporting/Sheriff in "No Change"; Lead/Thomas in "Better Left Broken"; Supporting/Judge Grayson in "Nothing Left"; Supporting/Jim the Mechanic in "Revenge of the Grasshoppers"; Supporting/Dr. Penser in "The Perfect Match"; Lead/William Grimes in "Accepting Adria"; Lead/Franklin Craft in "The Reckoning"; Lead/Reverend Clyde Crawford in "Copperhead Road"; Supporting/Mr. Henry in "Evidence of a Haunting"; Supporting/Ron McDarkevil in "Unnatural 20: The search for Steve"; Lead/Walter in "David"; Mortician in "Inventors and Vendors"; Supporting/Patrick Marnier in "Ashes"; Lead/Gordon in "On Down The Line"; Lead/Derek in "Alien Zombie Invasion"; Supporting/Special Agent Rollins in "Night Lab"; President in "Departure"; Reverend Woodard in "Bernie"

TV: Lead/Dr. Bil in "American Stud"; Interviewee/Protestor in "A House Divided"; Reporter in "Prison Break season 2 episode1"; Recovering addict in "Prison Break season 2 episodes 4 & 5"; Bar Patron in "Inspector Mom"; Lead/Testimonial in "New Homes Lifestyle"; Supporting/Sheriff in "Friday Night Lights"; Lead/Dr. John Harvey Kellogg in "The Genesis of Healing"; Lead/Jack Ruby in "JFK: The Ruby Connection"; Ranger in "Cowboy and Lucky "; Supporting/Detective Hammond in "Final Witness"

Theater: Paul in "To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday"

Music: Theatre Patron in "Stay Saved"; Dad in "Josh Abbott Band"; Aging Rocker in "Snake Skin Prison/Alcohol of Fame"

Internet: Principal Web/TV in "AeroMexico"; Senior Pastor Jeffrey in "Saved"

Appearances: Lead singer & Front Man in "Higher Ground Quartet"

Print: Principal/Web/TV in "AeroMexico"; Principal/In Store in "Mr. Gatti's"; Extra/Football Fan in "SBC/AT&T"; Principal in "Enspire Learning"

Other: Principal/VOC in "Energy Depot"; Principal/VOC in "Alcon Labs Sales Video"; Principal/VOC in "Dallas Mavericks"; Principal/MOS in "Ford Motor Company"; Supporting/MOS in "West Nile Virus PSA"; Shopper/MOS in "Texas Rangers"; Extra/MOS in "On The Border"; Extra/MOS in "Radio Shack"; Grandfather in "Univera "The Gift""; Airport Passenger in "American Airlines"

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