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Welcome to Rachel Ruiz Carrera from Waxahachie TX, our newest member.

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Houston, TX

onehundredDAYS is a film about self righteousness Dillon goes to the doctor after he starts to bleed from his mouth and nose. The doctor diagnoses Dillon with a rare form of cancer. Dillon is given less then 100 days to live.Can he live up to his expectations.

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Maria Olsen
Maria Olsen
Winnetka, CA

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Acting Experience

Film: Nurse Nancy (Lead) in "Shellter"; Dorothy Heim (Supporting) in "A Gothic Tale"; Nurse Kelly (Supporting) in "Sam Hell"; Mevrouw van Schoon (Supporting) in "The Search for Carravagio"; Maria (Lead) in "Tears of Passion"; Deb (Supporting) in "Step 7"; Jane (Supporting) in "Comedy Traffic School"; Empress Alexandra (Lead) in "1918 The End of the Romanovs"; Rebecca (Lead) in "Brick and Mortar"; The Old Lady (Supporting) in "A Women's World"; Paparazi (Supporting) in "Alice Inc"; Diane (Supporting) in "21 Ninja Assassination Squad"; Susan (Lead) in "The Susans"; Sherry (Lead) in "The First Time"; The Victim (Supporting) in "I Need To Know"

Theater: Shearer / Crawford / Davis in "Leading Ladies of Hollywoods Golden Age"; The Dormouse in "Alice in Wonderland Thru the Looking Glass"; Julia Leverett in "Lend Me A Tenor"; LA Weekly Critics Choice & LA Times Recommended in "Masque of the Red Death"; The Woman in "6th Annual Drive By Play Festival"; Madame DeFarge in "A Tale of Two Cities"; LA Times Recommended in "Urban Death Blood Transfusion"; LA Times Critics Choice in "The Telltale Heart & The Bells"; MJ (Best Newcomer 2005 Woody Award) in "Inspecting Carol"; 7013 (Best Newcomer 2005 Woody Award) in "Heaven Can Wait"; Lucienne in "A Flea In Her Ear"; Evelyn Whitchurch in "The Happiest Years of Our Lives"; Miss Carswell in "The Mousetrap"; Mrs John Hutchins in "The Night of January 16th"; Chava in "Fiddler on the Roof"; The Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard of Oz"; Faye in "The Boyfriend"; Mother Penguin in "Flibberty & The Penguin"; Frau Schmidt & Understudy to Maria in "The Sound of Music"; Annie Bloodgood in "Are You A Mason"; The Mayor's Wife in "Coppellia"; Morgan Le Fey in "Robin Hood & The Babes in the Wood"; Ronnie Boyland in "Annie"; Mother & Grandmother in "The Golden Goose"; Miss Clark in "Annie Warbucks"; Ensemble & Laurie Understudy in "Oklahoma"; Ensemble & Mame Understudy in "Mame"; Ensemble & Nancy Understudy in "Oliver!"; Ensemble & Guinevere Understudy in "Camelot"; Ensemble in "Grease"; Ensemble in "Hans Christian Andersen"; Ensemble in "Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"; Ensemble in "Dark of the Moon"; Ensemble in "The Mikado"; Ensemble in "Hello Dolly"; Ensemble in "Annie Get Your Gun"; Director (2005 ADA Award Best Revival Drama) in "The Gin Game"; Writer & Director in "Victims"; Ensemble in "South Pacific"; Ensemble in "The Pajama Game"; Solo & Ensemble Singer in "Cabarets & Reviews (about 15 productions)"

Voiceover: Various in "Various"

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