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Welcome to Brandie Brown, Independent Producer from Austin TX, our newest member.

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New York, NY

Five struggling filmmakers are frustrated due to the difficult time that they are having attempting to break into Hollywood. In their dejected state, they create an ingenious plan to win producers and executives approval. It is a success and they launch Hollywood careers.

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Olivia Rusk
Olivia Rusk
Fishers, IN

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Acting Experience

Film: Lead/Olivia in ""I Could Be Great!" Video Short"; Hostess in ""Brick By Brick" The Movie"

TV: Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Appearance"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview (closed circuit)"; Herself in "Interview (in production)"; Olivia in "'No Hairy Big Deal' Sitcom Pilot (in development)"; Herself in "Interview"

Theater: Greylag's Fleet in "Honk"; Mouse in "Barn Rats"; Grandma Georgina in "Willy Wonka"

Modeling: Model in "'I Am Not My Hair' Event"; Model in "'Spring Time' Fashion Show"; Model in "Photo Session"; Model in "Photo Session"; Model in "Photo Session"; Model in "Mannequin Modeling Event"; Kiddy Ditties Marketing in "Photo Session"

Internet: Model in "Spokesmodel"; Model in "Photographer's Web Site"; Herself in "Spokesperson/Alopecia Awareness"

Voiceover: Voiceover in "Kiddy Ditties Online Books"

Radio: Kid Caster in "Concerned Kids"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview "; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "Interview"; Herself in "People Helping People"; Herself in "Interview"

Appearances: Guest Speaker in "Opening of New Teen Center"; Guest Speaker in "Healthy Choices for Girls Conference"; Herself in "The Power of Children"; Guest Speaker in "Award Ceremony"; Guest Speaker in "Luncheon Meeting"; Guest Speaker in "Key Learning Community"; Guest Speaker in "2009 International Conference"

Print: Herself in "Cover Story"; Herself in "Olivia's Story"; Herself in "Feature"; Herself in "Olivia's Story"; Herself in "Feature"; Herself in "Feature"; Herself in "Feature"; Herself in "Feature"; Herself in "Feature"

Other: Leader in "Teen Leaders"; Leader in "Indiana Support Group "; 2009 Award Recipient in "The Power of Children"

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