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Welcome to Rachel Ruiz Carrera from Waxahachie TX, our newest member.

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Friendship Through Death
Austin, TX

The movie revolves around a young woman by the name of Asha Alexander. She is currently in jail, accused of being a serial killer. She is guilty, but she is a different kind of serial killer, she only kills people who want to die. She has been assigned to a psychiatrist whom has...

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Robin Cote
Robin Cote
Gilbert, AZ

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Acting Experience

Film: Patient in "Fresh Canned Help"; Mike's Mom in "Illegal Alien"; Edna (Lead) in "Edna"; Abigail in "Twisted Trucker Tales: Desert Rats"; Officer Misty Hill in "Twisted Trucker Tales: Job Dissatisfaction"; Officer Misty Hill in "Twisted Trucker Tales: Splattooed Heart"; Myself in "Pleading the First"; Lt. Michelle Ryan (Lead) in "51 Fifty"; Principal in "Rigley High"; Laura in "John: Hitman"; Zombie in "Save Yourself"; Suicide Hotline Operator in "Human Like You"; Bar Patron in "Schism"; Bank Teller, Banquet Guest in "Harold"; Witch (Lead) in "Snow"; Death's Mom, Nurse in "Dance With Death"; Picnic Goer in "Middle Men"; Reporter, Banquet Guest in "Trust Tusk"; Maggie (Lead) in "The Kiss"; Police Officer in "Fallen Blue"; Zombie in "Deviation"; Businesswoman in "The Briefcase"; Football Fan in "Jerry Maguire"; Airport Hooker, Airline Passenger in "Nervous Ticks"; Saloon Girl, Shopper, Student in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"; Police Officer in "Raising Arizona"; Bratty Child in "Used Cars"; Clarnell (Lead) in "Ed"

TV: Baseball Fan in "My Boys"; Pastry Shop Customer in "Maneater"; Traffic Reporter in "KNXV, KPHO"; Entertainment Reporter in "Backstage Pass"; Party Participant in "Arizona Lottery Commercial"; Mother in "Pima County PSA"; Myself in "Leg Firm Infomercial"; Lady on bench, Businesswoman in "Arizona Kidney Foundation PSA"; Cowgirl in "Kellogg's Frosted Flakes"; Baseball Fan in "Cactus League Baseball Commercial"

Internet: Mother in "Drunk Driving PSA"; Myself in "Satanic Views"; Hippie, Congresswoman in "Dewars Scotch"; Writer, Site Moderator in "Puckfans"

Radio: Senior Producer/Reporter in "Metro Networks/Westwood One"; Traffic Reporter in "KKLT, KTAR, KDKB, KEDJ, KUPD, KSLX, KDUS, KKNT, KJ"; On-Air Talent in "KUPD, KZON, KZZP, KWCY, KNRJ, KESZ, KQEZ, KRIM, KQ"; Producer in "KESZ"

Appearances: Promotions Director, Announcer in "Arizona Entertainment Awards"; Promtions Director, Announcer in "Arizona's Best Kept Secrets"

Print: Model in "Beautiful Scars"; Asst. Editor, Senior Writer, Promotions in "Music Voice Magazine"

Other: Set Photography, Background Video in "Of Blood and Gin"; Spouse, Widow in "Mercy Training (Instructional Video)"; Executive Producer, Casting, Editing in "Edna"; Associate Producer, Set Photographer, Audio, Casti in "Twisted Trucker Tales"; Costume and Makeup Design in "Snow"; Promotions Director, Audio in "World of Kids, Talent Showcase"; Promotions Director in "Backstage Pass"; Senior Data Specialist in "KAET Channel 8"

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