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Lee Armstrong

Gender: Male
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 5' 5" (165 cm)
Weight: 270 Lbs (122 kg)
Lee Armstrong

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Susie  Public Defender, supporting Susie's Hope Prods/Jerry Rees
Exploder  That Fucking Bartender [actual credit name], suppo Tough Spun Studios/Justin Kuhn
No Good Maxine  Donald, supporting Bombshell Studios/Michael Babbitt
Our Father  Lead detective, supporting Red Knight Films/Time-Warner Cable
Witch's Brew  Walter Ducker, supporting Midnight Crew Studios
5ive  Rev. Raper, lead Tcat Money Prods
Smoking Kills  Mr. P Flicker Films/Dir: Jake Steward
As the Crow Flies  Government Official Dir: Dustin Schmid
The Complex  Lewis, lonely neighbor Swift Creek Films/Dir: Ron Mills
Ace of Spades  bartender (lead) Shawkinaw Media/Dir: Jason Baldwin
Push Came to Shove  clothing clerk (supporting) Shoestring Prods/Dir: Steve Scheffler
Dead End Job  Al, Angel of Mercy (lead) Mori-Dog Movies/Dir: William Lilly
San Souci Showdown  Patrizio, crime boss BFT Prods/Dir N.C. Jones
Silentium Est Aurem  Bill Taylor, political conspirator Mori-Dog Movies/William Lilly, dir.
Nocturne  Dr. Stone, music professor Deep Fried Films/Michael Tierno, dir.
Infringement  Dr. Perry, abortion MD Something Like Real Prods/Ashley Zahorian, dir.
Victor James  Randall Smith, gambling boss Skyward Cinema/Thomas Gidlow, dir.
Red Handed  Mr. Owsenkowski, supporting John T Films/John Thornton
The City of Hope  business mogul, supporting Team Epic Prods/Robert Craft
The Three Stooges  Officer Armstrong, featured 20th Century Fox/Farrelly Bros.
The Revolutionary  Prime Minister Armstrong, supporting Silo 12 Prods/Nicholas Sailer
Private Eye  Jimmy J-Walk, supporting Warchant Prods/Kara Colvin
Modern Color  Charlie Whily, lead Paint-A-Pictures Prods/T.J. Harper
Mike's Bar  Mitch, supporting UNCG/Ryan Walker
Intermediate  Mr. Cornwell, supporting ND Prods/Nicole Driscoll
Eat Me  Uncle Lou, supporting Frowned Upon Media/Dan A. R. Kelly
Dust Devils  Sampson, supporting Profile Pictures/Gerry Gibson
Dispossession  Sam, lead Sud Bros Prods/Robert Sud
Devil's Bored Game  Carl Keaton, lead Horrible Folks Prods/Joseph Covas
Creative Writing  Eric, lead Back Row Collective/Kyle A. Bell
Connected  Professor Thompson, supporting Pretty Dope Prods/Jonathan Butler
The Chronicles of Thwart  Nukewarm, lead Regent Pictures/Michael Laughlin, S.C.C.W. Phillip
And the Boy Was Happy  Henrig, supporting Dead Serious Studios/Zach Bowman
The Brewmaster  Brewmaster Bill, lead FSU/Mark Mulcahy
Escape from Tomorrow  Big Red Mankurt Media/Randall Moore
The Marionette  The Puppeteer, lead Big Bear Prods./Josh Ramsey, dir.
Black-Eyed Redemption  Mark Regent Pictures/Ben Dyer, dir.
Budz  Boris, flamboyant photographer Mannymac Prods/Manny Sadek
Tea Time of the Dead  Harry Hooley, reporter Rick Badger/Inmotion Prods
The Hard Six  Boss Conti Evan Golliher/Fix-It-In-Post Prods
Fourth Wall  janitor, lead Billy Orlando/NC School of Arts
Lying in Love  bartender Evan Golliher/MacLaren Prods
Quarters  businessman, supporting Jeff Nelson/Yellow Beagle Prods
The Project  Matt Grimes, mad scientist Paul Joseph/Venture Prods
The Sins of Ashe County  Deputy Witherspoon Damian Kelleher/MDK Prods
Friends in Liberty  Edward Salter, 1700s patriot Jerry Taylor/NC Museum of History
Puddlejumper  Leonard/Puddles the Clown, lead Brent Robinson
Internet Detective Blog: The Case of the Missing F  Raef Liquor, lead Zach Karamalegos/Zack-O-Matic Prods
Consider Others  movie guy Roger Mosley/Mo-Laud Prods
Red Knights  Stanley Kowalski/Marlon Brando Itsak Hanooka/Red Nights Prods
Colorblind  High School Principal Jacki Brown/Full Circle Films
Wilding  Creature, homeless man Lawrence Benner/Buried Pictures
Homer & Eddie  Fruit Stand Man Andrei Konchalovsky/Kings Road
Blameless  Clintock Regent Prods/Joshua Overbay, Dir
The Wise Kids  Harry the Organist Cone Arts/Dir. Stephen Cone
Serial Dog  pet therapist Mark Dunn/ECU
Save the Last One  Duncan Guthrie Writeon Prods./Marty McMasters, dir.
Twisted Rage  Dave Hester, abusive father Roger Akers Films/Roger Akers
Single in the ATL  Bill Richards, impotent swinger Mangelo Prods/Michael Angelo
President's Day  creepy janitor Midnight Crew Studios/Chris LaMarina
And the Boy Was Happy  Henrig Dead Serious Studios/Zach Bowman
Elimination  Richard (lead) Bombshell Studios/Michael Babbitt
Off-Ramp to Eden  Mayor Chris Barker Blindside Illuminations/Sherwood Jones
Poor Steve  Benny, obnoxious copy guy Luke Daughtry/Fuse Gnomes Prods
On the Market  Hefty Guy Southern Horizon Pictures
Double Cross  Emil Leandro, crime boss Patrick Lyons Neilson/ECU


Scorpion  Mayor Reynolds, guest star Zenhouse Prods/Roger Paris
The Tracks (pilot)  George Geoffrey II, lawyer Tracks Prods/Amanda Lockhart, Dir.
Superior Court  supporting Production Group
Real People  Real Person NBC/George Schlatter Prods
The Baker  Harrison Franklin, guest star Castellum Pictures/John Sorie
Not Necessarily the News  nun, reporter HBO/Moffit-Lee Prods/Hoite Caston
A Lady's Tale  Carlos, co-star Playboy Cable
Hot Shot  supporting Century Prods.
The Carrier  Vic (starring) Nilescat Films/Dir: Roger Frank
Southern Fried Stings  naked man, featured Tru TV/Zoo Prods
A Storied Journey Through South Carolina's Mysteri  driver/lead Carmichael Entertainment/Sherman Carmichael


Ooops Comedy Improv Squad  Little Red Riding Hood, etc. Greenville Theatre Project

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