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Anita N. Brown

A.K.A.:   BrownSparrow
Gender: Female
Ethnic appearance: African-American
Height: 5' 4" (163 cm)
Weight: 138 Lbs (63 kg)


Emily G. Rabinowitz
BMG Chicago
(312) 399-5051
Chicago, IL
United States
Anita N. Brown

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A Woman and A Gun (short)   Jenny (lead) Willy Adkins/Breaking Fate Entertainment
The JUST (short)  Det. Jane Adams (featured) Distant Star Productions, LLC
The Losing Game (short)  Kirstyn (lead) HBM Pictures
The Path Not Taken  Brandie (supporting) Preston Heights Productions
The Lies We Tell – The Sequel  Evette (featured) MVP Productions
Ovulation   Chole(feature) Michael Wade Johnson/Faux Pas Films
Leaf Blower Massacre (short)   Nicole White (supporting) Josh Stephenson/T-Nasty Productions
A Gracious Tip (short)   Jessica (lead) Stephon J. Davis/InSpyRed Pictures
Needlestick   Young Alice (featured) Steven Karageanes/Decipher Entertainment
Leaf Blower Massacre 2   Nicole White (supporting) Anthony Cooney/ T-Nasty Productions
The Perfect Letter   Gabriela Wilson (supporting) Nathyn Masters/TimeCode Mechanics
Crisis Function   Andrea Knight (lead) Nathyn Masters/TimeCode Mechanics
Wages of Sin: Special Tactics   Det. Anita Nicholas (lead) Nathyn Masters/TimeCode Mechanics
Crashing Darkness   Nina Andrews (featured) Nathyn Masters/TimeCode Mechanics
Crisis Function: Awakening  Andrea Knight (lead) Nathyn Masters/TimeCode Mechanics
Sister of the Wolf  Ruby (featured) Willy Adkins/Breaking Fate Entertainment
What In the Sam Hill   Karen Hill (supporting) Willy Adkins/Breaking Fate Entertainment
F*ckload of Scotch Tape  Cleaver Girl 1 (featured) Escape FIlms
Bastard son of a thousand fathers  Nikki (featured) 4 Features Film
Midget Zombie Takeover  Katie (supporting) Driving With Our Eyes Shut
Wayward  Afro Girl (featured) O 3 Productions & Kamikaze Media
Promise Land  Officer (featured) Reel Now Studios
Epitaph: Bread and Salt  Atraria/Nightevil (lead) TimeCode Mechanics
Shoebox (short)  Prostitute (featured) Dulce de Leche Films
NWO (short)  Liz (lead) Hippopotamus Cinematog
The Los Box  Alec (lead) Independent Film
The Lies We Tell  Evette (featured) MVP Productions


Chicago Fire (Season One)   Firehouse Administrative Staff Jeffrey Nachmanoff/Open 4 Business LLC
Boss (Season Two)  Mayor’s Office Employee Boss Kane Productions
Chicago Fire (Season Two)  Firehouse Administrative Staff Jeffrey Nachmanoff/Open 4 Business LLC
The Mob Doctor   Bartender (episode 5) Thomas Carter/Sony Pictures Television
The Chicago Code  Reporter (episode 4) 20th Century Fox Television
Boss (Season One)  Mayor's Office Employee Boss Kane Productions
Unconditional Love  Love Jones (lead) Preston Heights Productions


Church Girl  Church Member Angela Barrow-Dunlap
Breaking Belding   Lisa Turtle Shane Abbott/Gorilla Tango Theatre
Decisions: the turning point   Sharon (lead) Cortez Mack/Jkbu Productions


Paper Ghost  Catalog Model Designer: David Johnson
Pilates with Terrence Pharos  Fitness Model CAN-TV
2016 Face of JvonShay  1st Runner Up Producer/Director: Miss JvonShay Lucci
Face of Glamour 2009  Top Ten Semi-Finalist Producer/Director: Miss JvonShay Lucci
Green America (Chicago, IL)  Runway Model Green Family Clothing
2010 National Face of JvonShay  Top Thirteen Finalist Producer/Director: Miss JvonShay Lucci


Lorelei the Series   Zaylee Welldone (supporting) Jamezz Hampton/Puppet Master Productions
Black Women Don’t Deserve to Be Loved  Donna Karrington (lead) House of Spikes Films, LLC.
Life Defined   Priscilla (episode 7) Leonardo Fallucca/Artigianale Films
In the Loop   Angela King (supporting) Samuel Wofford/2 Guys on the Reel
Delusions of Grandeur   Juice Bar Girl (featured) David Sonkin/Jake Sasseville


The Moderates   Nina St. Clair/Meth (lead) Jim Nickley/Two-80 Production
Sin Bin   Walla Group Billy Federighi/Moviola (II)
Special Skills
Swing dancing (10 yrs)
Bowling (18+yrs)

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