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Montgomery alan Flippen

Gender: Male
Ethnic appearance: African-American
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Weight: 195 Lbs (88 kg)
Montgomery alan Flippen

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What Dreams May Come  Supporting Interscope Communications
High Crimes  Supporting Regency Enterprises
Looking For Prince Charming  Lead Taylor Productions


Hangin With Mr. Cooper  Supporting Warner Bros


Ain't Misbehavin  Supporting Dancer Embassy Theatre
Guess whos Coming To Dinner  Lead Indiana Rep Theatre
A Raisin In The Sun  Lead Community Theatre
Big Mama's Cafe  Lead Speakeasy Theatre
Unjustified Love  Lead Chimica Prods


Run-Way  Mens Model Baptist Churches Of Indiana


Commercial  Pepsi Pepsi
Special Skills
Martial Arts/Boxing/ Tap Dancing/ Singing/Swimming/Rock Climbing/Rap Artist.
French American Accent/Indonesiam American Accent/Irish American Accent/Scottish Accent/Jamaican Accent/Russian American Accent/African American Accent/British Accent.

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