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Tony Becerra
Bremerton, WA, 98310 United States


First Assistant Director, Second Assistant Director

Zombies of Mass Destruction 2nd AD  ZMD INC 
Perfect Sport 2nd 2nd AD  Perfect Sport LLC 
Boy Culture 1st AD  Jenny Hinky 
Falling- LA 2nd AD  Richard Dutcher 
G-Sale- Seattle, WA 1st AD  Randy Nagri 
The Audience Strikes Back 1st AD  Derick Avitt 
A Letter to Bill Gates (German TV movie) Key 2nd AD  Uwe Schott 
Seahawks promos - ESPN 1st AD  Mad Dog Films 
Microsoft/ Swedish Medical 1st AD  Intergrated Talent 
Top Foods Commercials 2006 & 2007 2nd AD  Wyoming Films, Venica CA 
Cisco Vision Videos Seattle/ San Fransisco 1st AD  Kay Ray 
Tin Woodsmen 1st AD  Alarming Pictures- Portland OR 
Honda & Accura- Portland OR 2nd AD  November Films 
Sub Zero Fridges 2nd AD   
Dogs Deserve Better- PSA Seattle WA 1st AD  Madison Films