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Aaron Wachholz   Production  Los Angeles 
Aimee Campolucci   Wardrobe  Los Angeles 
Alex Sigala   Production  Los Angeles 
Anderson Mackenzie   Art Department  Los Angeles 
Andre Ramirez   Production  Los Angeles 
Ann Doria   Production  Los Angeles 
Avishek Shovakar   Camera  Los Angeles 
Bernice Caraveo   Production Sound  Los Angeles 
Billy Bennight   Wardrobe  Los Angeles 
Bruce Schermer   Camera  Los Angeles 

Member Spotlight 
Lloyd S Knight
Lloyd S Knight
Los Angeles, CA | view full profilemore

Film: George in "Amerikanos"; Bar Drunk in "Ballons"; Father in "Roommate"; Studio Executive in "The Pitch Bros"; Studio Executive in "The A List"; Hit Man in "The Lead"; Rapist in "The Plastic Room"; Dealer in "Agape"; Paul in "The Enfolding"; Zombie in "The Storyteller"

TV: Scripted Guest in "Tyra "; Actor (scripted) in "Split Endz"

Theater: Professor Nemur in "Flowers For Algernon"; Ensemble in "Falling Through A Hole in the Air"; Ensemble in "Lady in th Dark"; Actor in "Manon"; Performance Artist in "Walla Walla"; Performance Artist in "Smackers"

Internet: New Program Launch Actor in "Metro Los Angeles"; Husband in "The French Community"; ACtor in "Listerine Breath Strips"

Voiceover: Southern Man in "Red Dead Redemption"

Print: Model Husband in "I-Phone"; Model in "Matisse Architecture"; Actor in "Maka"; Model in "Seasons"; Model in "Love Fifi"

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