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John Steen
John Steen
San Francisco, CA | view full profilemore

Film: Marshall in "Sellers Remorse"; Seymour in "Fat Floats on Top"; Mr. Riga in "Coin By Sides"; Oscar in "Flipside"; Waiter in "Mama's Portrait"; Cop in "Asphalt Man"; Deckman in "Untitled Fate Project"; Charlie in "The Codicil"; Adam in "Thank You, Goodnight"; Mueller in "Decomposing Wayne"

Theater: Simon in "Anatomy"; Quinton in "Eavesdropper"; Vince in "Fourth & Goal"; Merc in "Just Desserts"; Andrew in "Strange Lands"; Mortimer in "Arsenic & Old Lace"; Tony in "Dial M for Murder"; Chip in "End of the World Party"; Jed in "The Star"; Lombard in "Ten Little Indians"; Rexx in "For the Sake of God"; Sam in "Passed Out Get Out"; Ian in "Blasted"; Claire in "The Maids"; Dorian in "Shades of Gray"; Joe in "Angels in America"; Clifford/Richard in "Arousal & The Lover"

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