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Posted: Jul 1, 2009
Deadline: Aug 4, 2009
Location: Willis, TX
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:



This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:

Special Skills:
TOPLESS NUDITY MAY BE REQUIRED (email for further details)!!!!

Sunshine is a very naive girl in her late-teens or early 20s. She has an idealistic outlook on life, and an insanely sunny disposition. Her desire to be a porn star is almost overshadowed by her inability to realize how up the world truly is. In fact, her desire to be a porn starlet is misguided, as she has a particularly starry-eyed view of what the porn industry really entails. Instead, she'd choose to live in her own little world where kittens never die, and gumdrops fall from the skies.

Incidentally, she gets all of her advice from her pet chihuahua "Bubbles". She mistakenly believes "Bubbles" speaks to her, and is convinced that "Bubbles" is the reincarnated spirit of Marilyn Monroe. Sunshine is the only one who can hear "Bubbles" talk, and everyone else is pretty sure "Bubbles" doesn't really exist at all.

Project Details:



This is the story of a young drifter - known only as "Dirt" - seeking revenge on the man who slaughtered his whole family. Dirt's path crosses with some VERY interesting characters (outlined under "ADDITIONAL DETAILS")...

His path crosses with a transvestite hooker named "Beulah", a lucha libre wrestler named "El Feo", and a young wannabe porn starlet by the name of "Sunshine", who thinks her chihuahua "Bubbles" is actually the reincarnated spirit of Marilyn Monroe (and she actually speaks to her). Together, this bizarre foursome will chase down the man known only as "G", the man responsible for the murder of Dirt's family.

...and along the way, Dirt may find love with a lesbian vampire stripper nun with a wicked gun collection.

Other casting calls in this project:

Role Gender Age Posted Deadline Status
El-Feo M 30-39 Jul 1 '09 Aug 4 '09 closed
G M 40-49 Jul 1 '09 Jan 15 '10 expired
Mistress-Batina F 20-29 Aug 4 '09 Aug 11 '10 expired
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