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Casting Call Details

Posted: Jun 28, 2007
Deadline: Jul 4, 2007
Location: Dallas, TX
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:


There is pay for this role.

This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:
No ethnicity specified for this role.

Back ground - Lydia comes a large family by witch standards. Her mother is a Witch, her father an Otherkin (Non-spell using offspring of a witch). Her older sister Rhiannon is a witch and she has three older brothers. Being the youngest she has to be very vocal to be seen, heard and taken seriously.

Personality - Lydia sees herself as the leader. She?s smart, confident and so sure of being right its almost impossible to convince her otherwise.

Lydia view on being a witch: She loves it and she loves but believes in being responsible use of it.

Lydia on humans: Lydia sometimes things being a witch she knows better than humans and just a much of a know it all around them as she is around other witches.

Lydia?s magic: Lydia is an around accomplished witch for her age. She excels however in Time and space magic (the magical of controlling the flow of time, distance and space). Lydia likes to use her power to step into the future a few minutes and know what?s coming.

Project Details:

Spokes Character


Hex Scouts Spokes characters-

Job Description-

The talent chosen will at local conventions acts as ambassadors for Channel M, specifically to promote their ?Witch Girls Adventures line of products. They will in character hand out fliers, posters and other freebies. Act in character spontaneously with convention goers in order to promote Witch Girls Adventures and participate as their characters at the Channel M booth explaining items and books to potential buyers.

Each spokes character will be assigned a character from the following list and will hold to that persona within reason for their stay on the convention floor.


I?m writing to you on behalf of Channel M. We?re a Dallas Texas Comic-book and game publishing company. As we enter the tradeshow time of year we are looking for something cool and different.

Our next Project is Witch girls Adventures a comic and game aimed at girls 11-16 and we are looking for two-4 spokes models.

Convention work detail.

Hours per Convention: 4
Time: Saturday Noon to 4.
All Spokes characters are to arrive ready to work a half our early. A Channel M. Staffer will meet them to give last minute instructions, Badges and a quick walk through of the floor out of character. Parents and chaperones are invited to come along. Each spokes character will be provided one day pass for themselves and one for a parent or chaperone.

One the walk through is done the Spokes Character will get into costume and head directly to the Channel M. Table They will then in group start walking the floor in sight of the table at all times handing out fliers. Presenting themselves as ?Hex Scout Troop 13, From Trinty Star academy, Dallas Texas.?

They will act as character permits graciously towards all convention goers in their promotion of Witch Girls adventures. They will especially seek out the Witch Girls adventure target audience girls greet them, talk to them in character while promoting witch girls adventures.

They will work 45 minutes then take a five minute break then continue working every hour with am extra 15 minute break at the 45 minute mark on the third hour.

Spokes characters will once per appearance return to the Channel M booth to hand out fliers there, sit at the table, take pictures, sign autographs and the like.


Each Hex Scout will be provided a Hex Scout Uniform, shoulder bag, wand and other props by Channel M. each costume shall be treated with care return in good repair after the appearance.


If hired each Spokes Character will be provided a list of Product information, Witch Girl world information to promote the products and stay in character. It will be the spokes-actresses responsibility to know their character and information.

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