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Timothy J. Anders

Gender: Male
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 6' 5" (196 cm)
Weight: 295 Lbs (134 kg)
Timothy J. Anders

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The Town  Shower Guy. (Featured Extra) Ben Affleck...
Severed Inn (Extended scene)  Marshal Peters Aaron Vnuck
Demon of Lataran  Peter Hickman Aaron Vnuck
The Cloning (Trailer)  Featured Extra Kevin DiBacco
New MEdia Fellow  Police Officer OurTVSpace Production.
Look of Love  Security Officer Tufts Univ.
Scooter McGruder  Security Officer Tiffany McLean
The Fighter  Back Ground GIX Production
The Clear  Deputy Sheriff Seng Varipath
Grown Ups   Extra back ground Adam Sandler


CSI (Crime Scene Idiots)  Security Officer The Bob Show
IBM Commercial  IT Worker Goldie Lock Production
Guest  Timothy Anders New England Exposure. (David Vansteemburg)
Teademic  NerdExect. Kookoo Pike Procutions.


Muder in a Playboy Mansion  Undercover Detective. Front Porch Theater
A Christmas Carol  Bob Crachit Claremont Theater Production
Die Claudius  Blutus Claremont Theater Production
Rocky Horror Picture Show  Narrator Springfield Community Players
Special Skills
Fire Fighting (Certified), Ice and Water Rescue, First Responder, CPR, Correctional Officer, Security Officer/Armed, Tae Kwon Doe (Orange Belt), Softball, Baseball, Volley Ball, Soccer, Football, Boxing, Plumbing, Electrical, Wood Frame Construction, Home Theater Installer, Mechanical Work, Auto Bod

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