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Helen Lindberg

Union Affiliation: AFTRA, SAG
Gender: Female
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 5' (152 cm)
Weight: 108 Lbs (49 kg)
Helen Lindberg

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Machine Dreams  Mary (lead) Virginia Commonwealth University/Kevin MaGann, Dir
The Flip-Side of Forever  Nikki (lead) NC School of the Arts/Michael Patwin, Dir.
Learn  Woman (lead) The New School/Alejandro Fernandez, Dir.
Schattengrenze  Piano Player (featured) Mallorca Film Academy/Florian Huber, Dir.
Sunset in McDade  Martha Jane (lead) Big Plume Productions/Val Gameiro, Dir.


As The World Turns  Nurse (u/5) CBS Daytime/Christopher Goutman, Dir.


One West Main  Ellen Barkesdale Theater/David Krasner, Dir.
Am I Blue  Ashbe Ghent Forum/Rob Lauer, Dir.
Iphigenia at Aulis  Iphigenia Shaffer Street Theater/Brenda Walsh, Dir.
Tecumseh!  Rebecca Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheater
So...This is America  Bielke Playmakers of Baton Rouge/Andre Du Broc, Dir.
The Pied Piper  Sara Missoula Children's Theater/Joe Martinez, Dir
To Bobolink for her Spirt  Gretchen Morgenthau Theater/Charles Maryan, Dir.
Bus Riley's Back in Town  Bernice Morgenthau Theater/Charles Maryan, Dir.
Ambitious, Creative and Sexy  Suzi/Lila Lovejoy Theater/Max Weiner, Dir.
Special Skills
Roller Skating, Bike Riding, Cannon Firing, Shotgun Firing, Horse Handling, Novice Belly Dancing
English Accents

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