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 Chicago, IL
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Member Spotlight 
Tony Papaleo
Tony Papaleo
Chicago, IL | view full profilemore

Film: Director in "The Alderman"; Bartender in "Two Parts Bourbon, One Part Murder"; Mr. Sanchez in "The Garage Hoppers"; Gus in "The Birthday"; Husband in "Jelly Panic"; Dad in "Triomphe du Clown"; Willingham in "Roscoe"; Claude and The Director in "Canvas"; Mr. Kasher in "Writer's Workshop"; Spanky in "The Blue Cult: A Case Study"; Frank Berm in "UNRELEASED: The original version"; Dr. Reilly in "DisConnect"; Duncan Kerry in "Census"; The Boss in "Mullet Man"; Lenny Gaga in "Lady Gaga Parody: Born This Way"; Actor/Director in "All In A Day's Work"

TV: Cast in "The Original Comedy Rangers"

Theater: Biff in "Death of a Salesman"; Telephone Man in "Barefoot In The Park"; Jud in "Oklahoma!"; Chuckles The Chipmunk (Leo) in "A Thousand Clowns"; Jaques in "As You Like It"; Parolles in "All's Well That Ends Well"; The Golux in "The 13 Clocks"; Uncas in "Indians"; Judge in "The Caucasian Chalk Circle"; Cast in "Land of The Stage"

Internet: Pax Davis in "DearWolfe: The Apathy Approach (Ep. 1)"

Radio: Cast in "Year In Review"

Other: Maintenance Man in "Pith and Nails"

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