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Casting Call Details

Posted: Jul 5, 2010
Deadline: Jul 12, 2010
Location: Evanston, IL
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:

Female Lead


This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:

Special Skills:
Full Nudity Required

She should carry herself with some maturity--she's older than her boyfriend but also just generally comes off as mature and strong for her age. Ironically, this causes her trouble--people have a tendency to think that she can take things better--i.e. with less emotional turmoil--than is actually the case. she is likely to become upset when people treat her like "the strong girl" when she's feeling weak or uncertain, or else treat her as an adult when she's still wanting to be a kid. that said, she genuinely IS strong and tenacious, as will be seen as she just keeps walking through a day and a night over many miles, after leaving her boyfriend without anything, though this might actually be more of a kind of willfulness and ability to summon a kind of plodding brute force than actual strength. the action of the story takes place during a moment of extreme fear and weakness, and some of her behavior will be unpleasant, but we also need to see her genuine strength and attractiveness an wit shine through. Probably (but not necessarily) graduating with a Humanities-type degree that may not be professionally sensible (History, English, Philosophy), but isn't necessarily what she reasonably expects to pursue professionally, and certainly it shouldn't be any impediment to getting a solid, white-collar job. She should have such a job (tbd) lined up. This guy is not her first boyfriend, though maybe he's her favorite so far.

Project Details:



This is the last day that they'll be a couple. She's just graduated and he has two years left and they're on a final road trip to take her home. She's realizing that she's not on board with the plan to break up. Tensions rise and eventually, at a restaurant along the road, she just walks off.

The story is carefully outlined, but characters, their behaviors and dialogue will be developed in collaboration with performers. Actors will be not just expected, but encouraged to contribute extensively to the writing, so comfort with improvisation and with creating characters that draw on your own experience and observations is key. A long, low-intensity rehearsal process will be followed by a shorter, high-intensity rehearsal/workshop and then a weekend or two of shooting. Rehearsal will take place in July and August and shooting most likely at the end of August and/or beginning of September.
The film will include a sex scene with full nudity. Depicting the end of this relationship will include sex as an element that is essential to how this couple relates to one another, and developing plot, drama and character relationship through sexual behavior is what this is about.
Performers must be comfortable with nudity, but more importantly, since this is supposed to be a couple who have been together for more than a year, they must be very comfortable relating to and touching each others bodies during dramatic situations that are sexual in nature and when simulating sexual acts.
The director has made short films that have won awards in the US and Europe. His feature film premiered at the LA Film Festival, was nominated for an Independent Spirit award, sold to IFC, and has screened on the Sundance Channel.

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Male-Lead M 20-29 Jul 5 '10 Jul 12 '10 expired
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