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Casting Call Details

Posted: Sep 11, 2009
Deadline: Sep 13, 2009
Location: Miami Beach, FL
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:



This role is open to non-union members.


No age requirements specified for this role.

Ethnic Look:

ALEX GONZALEZ, a 23 year old college drop out, has tried job after job, but resorts to selling weed in order to survive.

LUIS PINTO, a 24 year old graffiti artist with skater tendencies, informs his friend.

CHRIS LANGLEY, a 27 year old dazed and confused underachiever.

ERICK SAUNDERS, a 25 year old closet genius and master of sarcasm.

JUAN SANCHEZ, a 30 year old wannabe Mexican thug, whoís had a dirty moustache since he was eleven.

BEBO ARCHULETA, a big stocky 32 year old Mexican guy named

CARLOS OCAMPO, a 21 year old newbie eager to learn the craft.

JOSE MIGUEL SALIZAR, a 29 year old best boy electrician with a masterís degree in English Lit.

GONZALO MONTENEGRO, a 33 year old badass gaffer who donít take shit from anyone.

SOPHIE MATZKIN, a 21 year old super PA with the ability to kiss****like no other.

TAREN MILLER, a 26 year old uptight control freak. (AD)

SERGIO ARTNOFSKY, a 40 year old Cuban man dressed in Soviet Army fatigues walks onto set. (DP)

DEWAIN KWAMIE, a 42 year old pudgy Jamaican director whoís perpetually annoyed and loves to yell at everyone.

DRE SINCLAIR, a 37 year old wannabe producer struggling to produce his first movie.

RAQUEL TAMARA, a 20 year old megalomaniac, who is idolized by all the prepubescent girls in America.

SHAWN HIGGINS a 26 year old model who canít act.

JACK SHADOW a 40 year old hippie stoner dude with a faded black crew shirt from an 80ís horror movie

MANUEL GONZALEZ, a 45 year old electrician with a pop belly and a plumberís crack.

SLEAZY STEVIE a 45 year old bald black man with fake platinum teeth and an attitude to match.

Project Details:



LOGLINE: Stranded on a nightmarish movie set with no real experience and no way to get home, Alex will find out if he has what it takes to get the shot and save the movie.

Director's demo reel:

Movie Fan Page:

Behind The Scenes (First Teaser):

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