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Casting Call Details

Posted: Jun 18, 2010
Deadline: Jul 4, 2010
Location: Boston, MA
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:



This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:

Special Skills:
there is not really any special skills that are needed. you need to be attractive and able to play the role of the semi-popular sweetheart girl. it would help if you were comfortable with nudity on a closed set but if not, there are no hard feelings.

we had to drop our lead actress due to scheduling conflicts and we need a new lead.

the character we are looking for is an attractive girl around the ages of 17-22 to play the main characters love interest. it is a speaking role and also a pretty important one as well.

Project Details:



a horror comedy about a closet homosexual student who lives with his sexually abusive uncle due to a freak accident involving his mom and dad who goes on a killing spree at a party hosted by a boy who he likes at school.

we are an up and coming film company run by only three people in New Hampshire. wour goal as a film company is to create absurd and nutzoid films that are made to be as is if they are a cartoon brought to life. im talking about over the top acting, over the top and somewhat silly gore, stories and films that make grammy and grampy think you belong in a loony bin just for watching them. our first feature is probably going to be our most offensive and gory that we will make but it is perfect to give people a clear picture of what we are going for. here is the plot outline. (not for the easily offended)

yes the plot sounds very simple slasher style movie but the magic is seeing it. alot of directors really ## up at this part because they have an absurd idea for a movie and try to make it seem real or dark. if you realistically look at it you can see it is no more creative or weird as an episode of south park, and that is what the movie is. its a cartoon brought to life. the movie should almost feel like your watching a play with the over the top acting and over dramatic reactions.

this movie is going to shock and amuse critics and viewers alike and will become a cult classic. if you like troma movies like class of nukem high, poultrygeist, toxic avenger then you will love our style of movie making. full of punk music and awesome splatter to fill the screen.

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