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 Boston, MA
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Member Spotlight 
Brendan DeWolf
Brendan DeWolf
Boston, MA | view full profilemore

Film: High School Billy in "Harvard Business School"; Trent Colby in "24 Hours and 5 Minutes"; Edward in "The Last Chapter"

Theater: Pyotr in "The Forest"; Yephikodov in "The Cherry Orchard"; Rooster in "Annie, Jr."; Nicely Nicely Johnson in "Guys and Dolls"; Boy Scrooge, Peter Cratchit in "A Christmas Carol"; Kurt in "The Sound of Music"; Thor in "The Nerd"; Male Soloist, Flying Goose in "Honk! Jr"; Doctor, Lion Tamer, Faculty in "Madeline"; Duke in "Two Gentlemen of Verona"; Boy in "Heidi"; Opening Soloist, Dancer in "Dare to Dream"

Modeling: Patient in "Hospital Newspaper Print Ad"; Spiderman in "Spiderman Nerf Gun"

List of spotlight members is generated monthly. Boston Spotlight Talent in February.