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 Boston, MA
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Member Spotlight 
Brandon C. Barbosa
Brandon C. Barbosa
Boston, MA | view full profilemore

Film: extra in "Here comes the boom"; extra in "Ted"; extra in "Labor Day"; extra in "The Equalizer"; Kings son in "The King And I "

TV: player in "Connect Four Launchers commercial"

Theater: Chucho/Mambi in "Becoming Cuba"; Lancoya in "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson"; Jesse in "Distracted"; Tiny Tim, Tiny Tim, London boy in "A Christmas Carol 2009, 2010, 2011"; child ensemble in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"; Ugly in "Honk"

Modeling: Nerf zombie strike in "Hasbro"; 1 of 2 main character for book in "Ethan Murrows - The Whale , childrens book 2016"

Internet: young friend in "yesterday music video"; child in video in "Dear Professor music video"; feature character in "Mighty California"

Other: various in "Many Hasbro print and sizzler videos"; cast of American for Spanish speaking in "English as a second laguage educational videos"

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