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Niall james
Bellevue, WA, 98004 United States


Key Grip, Best Boy (Grip), Dolly Grip, Gaffer, Best Boy (Electrical), Lighting Technician

Wake up Best Boy Electric   
Negative Humans Gaffer   
Dear Lemon Lima Best Boy Electric   
From The Heart Gaffer   
Night Blind Best Boy Electric   
The Details Electric   
Gamers:Dorkness Rising Grip/Electric   
True Adolescents Grip/Electric   
Fly Film Documentary Grip Electric   
Golf In the Kingdom Key Grip   
A Face For All Occasions Key Grip   
The Instrument Best Boy/Dolly Grip   
Dichotomy Key Grip   
Down The Shore Key Grip   
The Day My Parents Became Cool Best Boy Grip   
Zombies of Mass Destruction Best Boy Grip   
Demonhunter "Carry Me Down" Electric   
Grayskul 'Missing' Grip/Electric