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Posted: Aug 20, 2009
Deadline: Oct 4, 2009
Location: Irving, TX
Casting call expired.

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There is pay for this role.

This role is open to non-union members.



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Special Skills:
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Dade is a male in his mid to late twenties, mature for his age while maintaining a youthful spirit. A casually hip emerging talent in the media industry, he’s confident in his bright future. He drives his sports car to see up and coming musical artists you wish you had heard of before and he can dress the part too. Don’t be fooled into thinking Dade is pompous or egotistical - he’s a genuinely likeable guy and doesn’t have many enemies. He has no problem attracting females and by no means is he chauvinist. His mother did her best to raise him right and her hard work has paid off. He possesses a certain innocence…perhaps he’s missed out on some wilder experiences because he was always busy building his career. This doesn’t mean Dade won’t let loose and live it up with his friends from time to time, he’s just got enough wit and luck to stay on top of it all…most of the time.

Project Details:



For Dade, success came easily. That is, until Heidi got pregnant after only a few weeks of dating. Now with a failing business venture and a dwindling bank account, Dade learns quickly that there are only a few people he can really trust. Unsure if the unborn baby is even his, Dade attempts to sort through his newfound turmoil.

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