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Casting Call Details

Posted: Aug 30, 2009
Deadline: Sep 9, 2009
Location: Dallas, TX
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:

Extra (50)

There is no pay for this role.

This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:
No ethnicity specified for this role.

Special Skills:
Dancing (Hip hop or rock)

Featured & close-ups will be selected on site. The camera will be following Tahj through the crowd as he is mingling & singing, great cut away shots, lots of unique and unexpected situations will be needing various types of looks. Please let me know if you dance (hip hop or rock style)

All extras must be between the ages of 18-27yrs of age. (No minors under 18) Diverse looks. Pretty, edgy, cool, hard, hip, chic.

20 – Male & Female (10 each) Rocker, Punk types. Heavy metal / rock Dancers. Headbangers. Tattoos & piercings a plus! Unique looks. Pink, white, or other colored hair a plus. Spiked hair, Mohawks, and other unique hair styles.
20 – Male & Female (10 each) Hip hop dancers, break dancers, including those from the “hood” , some with grills and “bling” dreads & afros a plus.
5 – Exotic or latin females. Very sexy and sultry.
5 - Hot, sexy, athletic, and "Pretty girls" with long flowing hair or other various styles that can dance seductively.
10 – Male & Female (5 each) Non-dancers, or other dancers (air guitar, robot, latin, etc) with various looks, but very cool, hip, high class partiers, not silly or trashy. Anyone who doesn’t fit in the other categories mentioned above. You may be "in the PIT" yelling or jumping or just chilling in the background.

Project Details:




Music Video for the Japanese Band "Boom Boom Satellite"

This video will feature a variety of looks and ethnicities. You will be in a warehouse style club where the tunes of "Boom Boom Satellite" will be combined with Tahj Mowery & Flo Rida for a very unique new style of music. You will participate in the launch of a new dance style called 'Kick it out!'

Official website:
Name of Project: Kick it Out Music Video
Featuring: Tahj Mowery & Flo Rida

Production Company: 1820 Productions
Casting Director: Katrina Cook

Shooting on Sept 10, 2009 in Dallas, TX (all day)

Not paid. But you will be provided lunch and craft service throughout the shoot. This production company takes care of the extras and shoots all extras scenes at top of the day so that any 'non-extra' scenes will be end of shoot day.

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