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Member Spotlight 
Dionne Audain
Dionne Audain
New York, NY | view full profilemore
Member of Actors' Equity Association (AEA) Member of American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) Member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

Film: Supporting - Sink Woman 1 in "The Happening"; Supporting - Abraham Lincoln in "Rocket Science (V)"; Supporting - Elizabeth Upton in "A Shepherd of Pure Heart(V)"; Supporting - Philip's Mother in "Prayer Life(V)"; Supporting - Mrs. Ward in "Tuffy Low-Low(short)"; Fran in "The Projects"

TV: Supporting - Recurring in "The Wire"; Dayplayer in "Starved - Episode 106"; U/5 in "All My Children"

Theater: Ms. Betty, Mrs. Ima Rump in "Alice by Whoopi Goldberg (Nat'l Tour)"; U.S. - Alma in "Yellowman"; Shawnetta in "The Art of Playmaking"; Cassius in "Julius Caesar"; Olivia in "Perfect of Paper"; Vivian Baptiste, Venus in "A Lesson Before Dying, Draft Day"; Wanda in "Top Ten"

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