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Casting Call Details

Posted: Apr 1, 2010
Deadline: Apr 7, 2010
Location: Northridge, CA
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:

Bessie Glass

There is no pay for this role.

This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:

Special Skills:
expressive face; plucky affect

NOTE: This is an essentially NON-SPEAKING role; some voiceover; MINIMAL screen time

Bessie doesn't really seem as though she's the Glass children's mother. She doesn't share their cynicism, negativity, tendency to judge nearly everyone, verbal sparring skills, spiritual bent, or aesthetic eye. She is, instead, a compassionate, Irish-Catholic ex-vaudeville performer.

But for everything she lacks, and for all her differences from them, Bessie Glass certainly understands her children in a way that no outsider ever could. And her children both recognize and value this.

Project Details:



adapted from Salinger's classic novel of same name | The intended approach is an avant-garde one. Staging will be near-complete Brechtian minimalism. (The overall planned look may be summed up in a single word: chiaroscuro. Think Bergmanís *Cries and Whispers*.) Three different actors, each, will be cast in the two lead roles.

Iíve written and directed a couple of corporate videos and some doc-style film, but have been interested in showing what I'm capable of in the narrative format. Iíve had what I believe are an interesting couple of ideas for Web series and decided to shoot this project as a way of addressing both of those concepts on my developing reel. So, this isnít a work for distribution or anything like that. Iím essentially just filming my pitch. I'm an artist and professional who has no interest in exploiting other artists or professionals; so, please don't be insulted by the fact that there's no monetary compensation for this gig. Instead, I hope you'll see it as I do: an opportunity that, in the best case scenario, leads to longer-term and, yes, paid work for the lot of us.

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The-Fat-Lady F 50-59 Mar 30 '10 Apr 7 '10 closed
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