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Friday, 23rd of September 2011


Five struggling filmmakers are frustrated due to the difficult time that they are having attempting to break into Hollywood. In their dejected state, they create an ingenious plan to win producers and executives approval. It is a success and they launch Hollywood careers.

My name is Everette Nicolls. I am the writer, director and producer of the production. I am employed in the indie film industry as a camera assistant and director of photography.

CRUMBLOUIE FILMS invites your submissions for review and possible audition. There are five lead characters, two females and three males who are all in their early twenties. There are thirty-four additional speaking roles and roles for extras. There are four children roles. They are three boys and a girl between the ages of six and ten.

We are looking for muscular and handsome men and beautiful women who are serious actors.
Please submit your resumes and photos to

Auditions will be held in midtown Manhattan in October and November. Casting will be finalized in November in order for rehearsals to begin in December.

The duration of the production will be twelve days.

Production will begin in the spring of 2012. We will provide meals and if possible we may provide transportation.

PLEASE NOTE: Three of the lead characters are involved in a nude scenes that portray sex.

ALL CAST and CREW will be required to sign a contract before production commences.

This is a no-budget production. It will be shot in wide screen and digital media. It will be released in the fall of 2012.

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