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Casting Call Details

Posted: Feb 25, 2011
Deadline: Mar 6, 2011
Location: Austin, TX
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:

Extra (20)

There is no pay for this role.

This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:

Special Skills:
Club Dancing

Guys who can dance. Varied bodies. Thin to thick, but all decently in shape.

Project Details:



Nook & Charlie Boy Music Video shoot, and VIP After Party at Club Fuze to celebrate the release of Nook's upcoming album TBA. NOOK?s 1st release was with platinum selling artists Ying Yang Twins! Now NOOK: has teamed up with Chalie Boy: nationally known charted artist.

Nook and Charted artists Charlie Boy Video Cast and Crew Call (Video Directed by Producer Robin Blesch of WPFG Studios.

Girls, guys of various looks, and filmmakers, photographers are welcome to come join me on the next Wolfpack Film Group video shoot.

Females: Ideally pretty of varied body sizes, some thin and some thick, and different ethnicity. Age range of 21-31 is ideal. If you are older, but have a great body, you may be able to be blocked in ways that works as well, if you can dance especially.

Males: 21-35 is ideal, different ethnicity and different body types.

If you have music video acting and modeling experience, please note that in your cover-letter.

Submit photos and resumes. You may pass this information to anyone who may qualify and be interested.

Filmmakers: I'm filling some lighting and camera position, management positions, and can add in others as well. I'm not looking to build a huge crew for this, but a really efficient helpful crew who is down for making a killer video with the resources provided in 12 hours. GO! Submit resumes reels, and or demos to this site's Private Messaging System (must be logged in)

YES, this is It's a low budget project. However, it will be extreme high production value, and used to help some Texas' indie artists one step closer to true mainstream success. Therefore, I've agreed to Direct for FREE to help them...I'm inviting others to join in.

A previous music video that I Produced/Directed/Edited:


Charlie Boy:

Brief details of the project include but are WAY not limited to...
Director of Photography Marco Naylor, his RED, steady cam, and 2Ton Lighting and Grip package and am in talks with my DP Michael Morlan who is already interested in joining in ant team shooting the project with his RED package too. There will be a club scene at Club Fuze during a party hosted by charted artists Charlie Boy, and a limo scene along with other scenes.

I'm directing it. It's gonna be ridiculous, and by ridiculous I mean AWESOME!! ;)

YES, you may pass this info to girls and guys you know in acting and modeling, who may also want this opportunity & filmmakers who want to come be a part of this project.

Nook & Charlie Boy Music Video shoot, and VIP After Party at Club Fuze to celebrate the release of Nook's upcoming album TBA. NOOK?s first release was with platinum selling artists Ying Yang Twins putting momentum behind this independent rap artist's career! Now NOOK (Previous Video: has teamed up with Chalie Boy (Previous Video: who is a charted artist nationally known for his hit record ?I Look Good?? that played on all radio stations as well as BET, MTV & VH1 through Jive Records to create another original hit club track and music video.

WPFG Studios and the Wolfpack Film Group in Austin and Rawhide Pictures in El Paso are sponsoring the production of the music video, and are requesting sponsorship from other entities who can in some way assist the production of this video, making it the best that it can be. Already, It will be shot using state of the art technology in the independent film world with qualified professionals. It will be shot by Director of Photography Marco Naylor owner of Rawhide Pictures ( on the New RED One Camera (http: a steadycam, and 2-ton Lighting & Grip package, all courtesy of Rawhide Pictures. The video will be Directed and Co-Produced by Producer Robin Blesch, Owner of WPFG Studios & Creator of the Wolfpack Film Group ( Casting will be done by Casting Director Karen Hallford owner of CastingWorks LA. There will be body painting by Body Painter Amy Young , owner of AirBrush By Amy Body Painting, Austin, TX ( Brief Summary: The shoot/party' target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Robin is in talks with Director of Photography Michael Morlan, owner of Austin Film Tools with his RED One Camera Package as well, Cort Furniture, and a number of local artists and companies. This video will feature two of the hottest new South cCoast rappers, Nook and Charlie Boy, and will be shot by some of the independent filmmaking leaders in State of Texas, Directed by Producer Robin Blesch of WPFG Studios.

NOOK is preparing his national campaign for his album and this will be the first time ever that a video like this will be shot by an Austin artist involving a national feature! This fact alone will set the example for all upcoming artists in Austin and be living proof that it is possible to have a successful career if they learn the business and work hard to accomplish their goals.

Contact Robin Blesch at this site's Private Messaging System (must be logged in) or 832-18-0157 for more information.
Brief Summary: The shoot
will be held Wednesday March 9, 2011. It will start at noon and run through midnight. The shoot will be preceded by attendance at the Texas Film Incentives TXMPA Lobby Day at the TX State's Capital, and will be followed by a special VIP Afterparty at Club Fuze. The video will have scenes shot with both artists at Club Fuze in Downtown Austin. and be followed by a special VIP Afterparty. The night at the club will be hosted by Charlie Boy as well, and parts of the video will be shot while the party is going on.

Professional video shoot that will include lots shots promoting success and enjoyment in life due to success. It will also focus on girls and guys having fun at a party, enjoying each others company.

There will be a dance competition at the club in once scene in the video, and a few girls bodies will be painted while in bikinis, but all females will be represented as beautiful not trashy.

The video will not depict anything illegal, and will be shot at top grade professional quality.

Certain products may be able to be placed in the video, but most sponsors will enjoy sponsorship plugs where the video is posted and in the press etc.

VIP Party after the shoot allowing opportunities for product placement for sponsors as well as cooperative marketing for interested sponsors/investors in the club for the attendees on top of any Internet postings or press.

The event will receive lots of press coverage and web promotions before March 9th and for several months following the actual event, so the marketing collateral on this project is likely valued at 10-20k worth of advertising at the lowest, before you begin go think about possible hits of the video its self with both Charlie Boy and Nook on the track.

Proceeds of the VIP party will go towards the next Jump On It Drop Out Prevention Concert with the Boys & Girls Club of America.

The Party hosted by Charlie Boy (Part of the video shoot also) will also be a clothing drive befitting Austin's homeless population.

Event Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2011 (12pm 12am) The Main Part of the Video (12am-2am for the VIP After Party.

Event Location: Fuze Night Club

Contact Robin Blesch at this site's Private Messaging System (must be logged in) or 832-18-0157 for more information.

Major Players and Sponsors Involved in the Shoot Currently :

RAP Artist NOOK (?Top 25 under 25?? in America?s Future 500, prominent community activist and successful regional artists on the verge of touching national ranks) NOOK?s first release was with platinum selling artists Ying Yang Twins(Previous Video:

Charted Rap Artist Charlie Boy: Nationally known for his hit record ?I Look Good?? that played on all radio stations as well as BET, MTV & VH1 through Jive Records Previous Video:

WPFG Studios (Austin,Tx based production company that will be shooting the music video. View a music video example from WPFG Studios here: http:
WPFG Studios press:
Wolfpack Film Group (Texas based Independent film studio system collective)

Producer/Director Robin Blesch.

Director of Photography Marco Naylor-
Body Painter Amy Young-
VFX Supervisor Johnathon Voight of http:

Also in talks with:
Director of Photography Michael Morlan:
Austin Film Tools: http:

Take care,
Robin Blesch

WPFG Studios
Cell: 832-418-0157
IMDB Resume:
Last WPFG Studios Workshop:
WPFG Studios Music Video Example:
WPFG Studios Artist Development:
WPFG Studios Photography Examples:

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