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Boone Sparrow

Gender: Male
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Weight: 185 Lbs (84 kg)
Boone Sparrow

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Frost-E  Frost-E voice James Steller ASU
Grief  Extra Rangelo Productions
I Dream of John Williams  old man Roland Bayse ASU
Addict  liquor store customer Ber Co Productions
Virtual Intervention  great uncle Jeremy Clayton
Lost Brother  bookstore patron and street extra Philip Huerta, SCC
Tilt  GA Member Joey Mattucci
Late  AA member ASU
Fresh Canned Help   Gallery Patron Michell Culver, Producer, ASU Film Center
Jilted   Diner Oscar Padilla, Herberger Arts
Non-Super Steve   Party goer Sesh Evens, SCC
The Fable  Kevin Michael Gee
Grandpa's Chair  Grandpa Joey Sammartino, SCC
By Any Other Name  Airport traveler Kenneth LaFave


Frequencies  Priest Hardly Pictures
V8 commercial  dad Rylan Ryker Kreate Media Group


The Tempest   Gonzolo MSU Montana Masquers
The Cave Dwellers   The King MSU Montana Masquers
Time Out for Ginger   High School Principal National Thespian Society
Wings of the Morning   Benedict the Poet National Thesbian Society
The Happy Days   Bernard the Aviator National Thespian Society
Down in the Valley   Guard MSU Drama Music
Of Thee I Sing   Senator Carver Crocket Jones MSU Drama Music
The Matchmaker  Joe Scanlon, the Barber Master Peace Productions
In the Devil's Frying Pan  Samuel Cozzens and Henry Lesinsky Desert Foothills Theater
9/11, The Day America Called 911, The Drama  Homeless Man John Akers
The Refund   Ex-Student Sun City Players
Jacque or The Submission   Grandfather Jacque MSU Montana Masquers
The Country Girl   Paul Unger, writer MSU Montana Masquers
The Valiant   The Condemned Man MSU Montana Masquers
The Savage Dilemma   Jeffery Sun City Players
The Curious Savage   Jeffery Sun City Players
Sheep on the Runway   Colonel Num Sun City Players
Ladies of Hades   D'artagnan Sun City Players
Guys and Dolls   Street Photographer Sun City Players
West of Pecos   Ranger Glendale Little Theater
Shakespeare in the Park   Master John Ford Glendale Little Theater
The Country Girl   Paul Unger, writer Glendale Little Theater
Stan Freeberg Presents: The USA   Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Players
The Purloined Pearls   Colonel Lovelace Unitarian Players
White Sheep of the Family   Peter Sun City Players
The Silver Whistle   Oliver Erwinter Sun City Players
Seperate Tables   Mr. Fowler MSU Montana Masquers
Jacque or The Submission   Grandfather Jacque MSU Montana Masquers
The Happy Tmes   Grandfather MSU Montana Masquers
The Rope Dancer   John MSU Montana Masquers
The Mouse Trap   Christopher Wren Sun City Players
The Janitor's Phantasmagoria   Adolph Hitler Golden Horn Players


Drown  Diner McKenzie Goodwin


Frost-E  Frost-E James Stellar


Commercial   Lone Ranger WPXN, Wickenburg
30-minute Spot ~ Irish Music   DJ/Host Audioscope
30-minute Spot ~ Mexican and Peruvian Music   DJ/Host Audioscope
12 Various Radio Features   Announcer/Narrator/Writer Audioscope
Commercial-Play MISTI For Me   DJ WPXN/MSTI
Four Commercials   Narrator/Jacob Beardsley Beardsly Nursery, WPXN, Wickenburg
God Takes a Hand   General McArthur MSU Radio/TV


Commercial for a local Home Health Care   Father in Wheelchair Eric Almassy
Special Skills
I can sing, ride a horse, drive tractors and farm machinery, write, various dialect accents: British Isles, German, Indian Subcontinent, Aussie, Italian, French, American regional accents.

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