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Raymond Sofia

Gender: Male
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 5' 11" (180 cm)
Weight: 230 Lbs (104 kg)
Raymond Sofia

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Office Conspiracy 2 Ed & The Awakening 2009  Fred~Alien Police Officer/Technical Advisor/Wardro 4 Lizard Productions Patric Love, Chad Foor and Mi
Rock Hero  Security Officer, Party Attendee and Still Photogr Oona Productions;Adam Yencho and Matt Massaro
Shine Baby Shine 2010  TV Show Producer Leonard Levy Chris Emmons Comedy
Al Capone the Music Man 2010   Al Capones Right Hand Man, Frank Nitti, Asst Produ Richard Larson, Directed by Bart Barello and Ron K
Dishonor Among Thieves 2010  FBI Agent Russo and Prop Designer Bart Borello
Thinking Speed Sept 2009  Officer Masini, Supplied 1988 Mazda RX7, Asst Loc Lisa Manzel Horror Film Nervous System Entertainme
Quikk Stopp 2009  Police Officer Opening Scene Horror Film Producers:Chris Owens & Jim Corriveau
Green Lobster Men from PLanet Z (2010)  The President 4 Lizards Productions SCI-FI Comedy; Patrick Love,
ROOST 2.5 April 2009  Italian Market Owner~Gino Series/Episodic, Red Eye Drops, Inc. (Chicago), Di
PEARLS 2009  Jennys Father Lillian Marez and Keila Galvez
Beneath The Horizon 2009  News Station Employee,Technical advisor and Fight Chris Emmons and Richard Key lll
Couples Retreat 2009  Movie Extra Non-speaking roll. Padestrian and Car Peter Billinsley with Vince Vaughn


The Science of Intterogations 2009  Police Officer~ Crime Scene Re-enactments Towers Productions~Discovery Ch - Ashley Saluga
ESCAPED 2009  COP #3 War Room Investigations Espisode #10 Kurtis Productions~Investigation Discovery Ch (I.D
Most wanted 2009  FBI Director Feild Office/Mexican Prison Guard/Fol Towers Productions~Discovery Ch ~ Scott Alexander
Bensenville In Focus 1994  Myself~Police Officer during routine work day Comcast Cable Ch/Local Documentary
A&E Crime Scene Trailer  Police Officer Crime Scene Investigator/Photograph A&E Kurtis Productions,Tania Lindsay and Scot Holo


The Bob Hill Band~California~NitesKool Music Video  Car Owner/Police Officer in Video Chris Wickman and Ryan Luong NorthWestern Uni. Mus


Wet Dream 2009  Police Officer Webisode Comedy Produced and Directed by Jessica
Harry and Creamy 2009  Police Officer / Investigator Chicago Film Networks, Director: Alfonzo Thomas
Special Skills
Licensed Pilot Fix wing and Helicopter, Car, Motorcycle, Truck, Boat and various equiptment and vehicle Owner/Driver, Photographer, Skydiver and verious sports

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