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Casting Call Details

Posted: Feb 8, 2011
Deadline: Mar 15, 2011
Location: Houston, TX
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:



This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:

Special Skills:
this role will have a brief nude scene

Estranged wife to Richard. Timid at first but then becomes assertive. Sexy, although it's not truly shown in how she dresses. She loves the Lord vowes that once set free, she will not go through this hell again.

Project Details:



The script, 'Attrition', tells the story of a fourteen year old boy (Nicholas)
whose family has moved from the city to the country. They live on three acres of land, in a house with no electricity, running water, or gas. His father (Richard) is an alcoholic and an
abusive husband who constantly talks down to Nicholas and his mom (Nancy). Selfish in his ways, Richard insists on using the family income to continuously buy beer instead of making the repairs needed to bring their home to proper living standards. Nicholas wishes his dad were dead. At least hed have one less thing to worry about. Shoot, he had enough to deal with at school with all the teasing regarding not having lights, gas, or water at home.
Four years have passed. Richard is now unemployed, and Nancy is the bread winner, but her checks are being given to Richard to use as his disposal. Nancy has become estranged and wants nothing to do with her husband, who tells her the only way out of the relationship is death. When she married Richard, Nancy was taken in by his smooth, suave demeanor. Now she loathes him.
Will Nicholas and Nancy escape this dreadful nightmare, or be submitted to an everlasting hell?

This film will be submitted to the Indie circut, including Sundance Film Festival. We will soon begin the process of pitching to investors.

Other casting calls in this project:

Role Gender Age Posted Deadline Status
Richard M 37-42 Feb 8 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Dr-Russell M 30-39 Feb 8 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Cheryl F 30-39 Feb 8 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Detective-Hugdry M 38-43 Feb 8 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Ms-Sweetie F 70 Feb 8 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Timmy-Jr M 13-15 Feb 8 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Nora F 40-49 Feb 8 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Tim M 40-49 Feb 8 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Nicholas M 13-15 Feb 8 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Extra N/A 30-39 Feb 23 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Extra M 30-39 Feb 23 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Officer-Haney M 30-39 Feb 23 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Officer-Riggs M 30-39 Feb 23 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Tracy-Jones F 20-29 Feb 23 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
Extra N/A 20-29 Feb 23 '11 Mar 15 '11 expired
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