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Posted: Aug 4, 2009
Deadline: Aug 8, 2009
Location: Warwick, RI
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:

multiple roles , see below

There is no pay for this role.

This role is open to non-union members.


No age requirements specified for this role.

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No ethnicity specified for this role.

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Project Details:



Brian currently runs a martial arts dojo. He is a 45 year old single father to an 18 year old daughter named Abigail. Brian has a past that no one in his current life, outside of a few people, is aware of. Brian lost his wife a little over 12 years ago while he was on a “job”. What Brian used to do is never quite revealed to the audience, but enough is revealed to show that whatever it was , it was very illegal and very dangerous. The fact that the audience does not know what it is he did becomes a running joke. Every time a character is about to be explain what Brian once did there is an immediate jump cut to another scene.
His wife knew about his life of crime and warned him on a number of occasions to get out, but Brian was stubborn and never listened until it eventually cost him the life of his wife, there second child (still in the womb) and the use of his legs. The audience however is unaware that Brian does not have use of his legs until the end of the first act of the film. From the day he lost his wife Brian swore he would never commit any crimes again. He got into the martial arts and eventually opened up his own dojo. Brian is still constantly haunted in his dreams of his wife's death.
His best friend is Karl, a 3rd degree white belt, who refuses to test for any belt beyond his current one. He has trained under Brian for 8 years. Karl is somewhat of a ladies man and a goofball, He is also obsessed with being a superhero and Hulk Hogan.
The movie opens with a girl, Abigail, being kidnapped by a group of men that tell her they need her to get to her father. Abigail does not understand these remarks, but that is only because she does not know her fathers past.
After Abigail is kidnapped they call Brian and threaten to kill her if he does not comply with what they want. All they want is for him to come back for 1 more job. The big job that will make them all very rich men. Brian does not want too, but feels that he has no choice but to do as he is told. After Karl catches wind of what is happening he tries to get Brian to agree to let him come along and help him out, or at least look out for him. Brian will not let karl get involved and warns him to please stay away, but of course Karl follows Brian anyway
The Boss explicitly told Brian not to involve anyone else, when he sees karl, he has his goons attack and kidnap him as well. Brians ex sister in law, who already hates Brian because her sister is now dead, notices her niece, Abigail, is missing, and goes to the cops. One of the cops is her husband. This causes all hell to breakout. Now Brian

Characters; The Good Guys

Brian; (this part is already cast)
a 45 year old single father to Abigail, who now runs his own martial arts dojo. Brian has a haunted past that only a few of his current friends and acquaintances are aware of. He is pretty soft spoken and does not always have much to say, but when he talks people will listen. He has an aura of power about him. If you were to meet him you would not immediately notice, but after examining him further you would just be able to tell that he is bad%**and could probably beat the crap out of anyone. He has an odd obsession with the band Bon Jovi and can be somewhat sensitive on this subject as well as the subject of his only daughter whom he loves very much.
Brian does keep to himself and is somewhat guarded because of certain things that have happened in his past, mainly the fact that his “old” lifestyle caused the death of his wife, and has now once again caught up to him and kidnapped his daughter. It is never quite revealed what Brian did in his past. He is also in a wheelchair, but that is not revealed to the audience until the end of act 1.

Karl is Brians best friend. They met when karl enrolled at Brians Dojo 8 years ago. He has been a 3rd degree white-belt ever since and refuses to test for another belt, stating that black-belts are for showoffs. Karl is kind of a goofball and somewhat of a ladies man, picking up most of his ladies via myspace/facebook etc. He tries to live life to the fullest and sees the humor in all situations. Karl can be sarcastic, and annoying (on purpose) but is a great friend, he also wishes he was either a superhero or Hulk Hogan. He knows that Brian is guarded and will basically annoy information out of him, but he knows that it is usually for Brians own good. msut look like he is in his mid to late twenties

Abigail is Brians only child. She is almost 19 years old, a college student, has a job, is a black belt and also teaches at the dojo with Brian. She lost her mother when she was 5 years old and to this day it still somewhat affects her emotions. She does not easily trust people and will not take crap from anyone. Abigail feels she could take on the world and win if she had to. She is very mature for her age and does not like to be treated like a little girl.

Brad is a minor character with a big impact. I am not going to beat around the bush, Brad has to be a big black man. Brad is a current student of Brians but has not been to class in a while due to work, he is also one of the few people who knew Brian back when he lost his wife. Brad works as a bouncer at a strip club and hustles any type of cell phone you can imagine. He is incredibly smart, pretty built, and has a unique view on the world. He hates giant corporations and thinks everything is run by the man to screw over little people. He believes everyone has the right to make their own choices in life and should never be forced into doing anything. must look at least in his late 20’s

Linda is Brian’s ex sister in Law and Abigail's aunt. She never liked Brian much and still constantly blames him for the death of her sister. She is a %. the only reason she even deals with brian is to see her niece, but she is waiting for the day Brian makes a mistake so she can take him down. Linda is the type of person who would argue that the sky was green just to be difficult. She is pompous and arrogant. She needs things to go her way or no way at all. Her husband is Detective Fircanis. linda needs to look like she is in her late 30’s

Detective Fusco
He likes to make jokes as a way of lightening dark situations, however these joke are either inappropriate or ill timed. He means well and is a pretty good detective. He and his partner Fircanis have been trailing the Boss organization for sometime and are on the brink of being able to take him down when they learn of the kidnapping. In a good cop, bad cop, relationship, Fusco would be the good cop.

Detective Fircanis
Partners with Fusco. Is a firm believer in Justice. If this were the old west, in the beginning of the film he would be John wayne and play things by the book, but by the end of the film he would be clint Eastwood and do whatever he had to do to get justice. He does not take crap from scum who break the law. He is definitely the bad cop in a good cop, bad cop role. Married to Linda.

The bad guys

The Boss
The Boss is the most versatile and fun character in the script. He is a combination of the following; Zack Morris, The Fresh Prince, Gary Oldmans Character, Stansfield, from “the Professional” and John Kreese, the bad sensei (Johnnys Instructor) from the Karate kid movies. The Boss has one the those undeniable personalities. The one that Zack Morris or the Fresh Prince had, where everyone, including viewers would want to be friends with them. He’s the guy that can take any joke and make it funny because he is so interesting just to watch. Girls love him, guys want to be him, your mom would want you to date him. But just like that, like the flip of a coin he can snap. The boss has the arrogance of John Kreese (bad guy from karate kid) where he thinks he is automatically better than you at anything, and if you’re better than him at something, he’ll break your knee without thinking twice, to be better than you. Just like Gary Oldman from The Professional; He is incredibly unstable and if he does not get what he wants or if someone gets in his way he will kill you with no regret, then just for the hell of it, buy a plane ticket to south dakota to kill your great uncle, simply for being related to you. The Boss is in his late 30’s to early 40’s he is handsome but not to handsome, and well built, but not to well built. He has incredibly captivating blue eyes.

Britto is a pervert. He is the Boss’s go to guy, who thinks he is tougher than he actually is and the goons he is in charge of also think he is tougher than he is. He is Abigail's Antagonist. While Abigail is kidnapped Britto is constantly harassing and taunting her and letting Brian know that he is doing all of this. He gets a kick out of being this site's Private Messaging System (must be logged in) Britto is the guy who tries to hard to fit in. Has to look like he is at least in his late 20’s

Tucco and Vizzinni
Tucco and Vizzinni are a real life version of Bebop and Rocksteady. (Bebop and rocksteady worked for Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). They work for the Boss under Brittos command and are always arguing with each other over nonsense, mostly over song lyrics. They find pleasure by getting under the other ones skin and bugging the crap out of him. Britto usually has to tell them to shut up and get back to work. Both characters need to look like they are at least in there late 20s.
Tucco is mexican/spanish so he needs to have an accent. he loves to wear gold. He is a mexican Mr. T and is also Karls antagonist ( he constantly beats karl after he is kidnapped). He has a big fight scene at the end of the film so anyone with stick fighting skills is encouraged( i do have a 5th degree black-belt choreographing all fight scenes)

Schneider And Bison
These two are both in cahoots with the Boss. They are not a main part of his operation. They are more like outsiders from other organizations that come into help out with big jobs. They will question his motives a little more than the others who work directly under the Boss and are not as intimidated of him as others, though they should be. Must look like they are in there mid 30’s - early 40’s

There are more characters that are featured extras. These are all of the main ones

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