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 Austin, TX
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dan'l Terry
dan'l Terry
Austin, TX | view full profilemore

Film: Handicapped person (featured extra) in "Resurrection"; Infected Dying Patient (featured extra) in "Planet Terror"; Superhero (lead) in "All Bets Are Off"; Guitar Army Player / Stumbling Drunkard (featured in "Idiocracy"; Murdering Union Worker in "Desdomona: A Love Story "; Fisherman (day player) in "Lone Star Blues"; Evangelical Preacher (VO) in "Sticks & Stones"; All Seeing Blind Man (supporting) in "Shroud"; American Businessman in "Where is Lupita? (US) "Donde es Lupita" "; Dallas Landry in "Conflict of Interest"

TV: Mark Twain (lead) in "Sage On Age: Mark Twain at Seventy"; Cienfas Zapata (murder victim) : Supporting in "America's Most Wanted: The Unknown Dallas Boogeyma"; Guitar Expert in "Treasured Instruments (pilot)"; businessman in "National Commercial"

Theater: Claude Hooper Bukowski (lead) in "Hair"; Prince Dauntless (Lead) in "The Princess and the Pea"; Dr. Dussel (supporting) in "Diary of Anne Frank"; Col J.C. Kinkaid (lead) in "Last Meeting of the Knights of the Magnolia"; Peddler (supporting) in "Oklahoma"; Innkeeper (supporting) in "Fiddler on the Roof"; Narrator in "Dark of the Moon"; Ancestor (supporting) in "Ruddigore"; Pirate in "Pirates of Penzance"; MacDuff / Stunts (supporting) in "Macbeth"; Voler? (romantic lead) in "Moliere's Tartuff"; Supporting in "The Drunkard"

Music: Musical Director in "HAIR"

Voiceover: Storyteller in "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"; Narrator/Pimp/Psychotic Robber in "Kung Fu (animated pilot)"

Radio: Spokesman Voice in "National Commercial "

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