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 Houston, TX
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Adia Harvey   Hair and make-up  Houston 
Adrion Tillman   Camera  Houston 
Anatoliy Rakalin   Camera  Houston 
Andres Andres   Camera  Houston 
Andrew Hemingway   Electrical  Houston 
Ashley Mitchell   Production  Houston 
Aubrey Pearson   Art Department  Houston 
Brandi Holtorf   Hair and make-up  Houston 
Brian Hoff   Sound/Music  Houston 
Brian Moses   Electrical  Houston 

Member Spotlight 
Ernie Robertson
Ernie Robertson
Houston, TX | view full profilemore

Film: Captain Wilson in "Westown"; George in "The Sheep"; Vaughn Lombard in "The Sleep Eaters"; Reverend in "Aging with Grace"; J.J. Tall in "Killing the Badge"; Spectator in "Tin Cup"; Disabled Man in "BP Safety"; Grandpa in "Compaq Presario CD"; Day Player in "Compaq Computers"; CEO in "Sexual Harassment"

TV: Patient in "In the Presence of Angels"; Captain Wilson in "Westown"; Golfer 1 in "King of the World"; Archer Scobey bdbl in "Arlington Road"; Charles Robbins in "Pointman"; George Frost in "Witness for the Execution"; VOC in "Vodafone"; OC in "Prilosec"; OC in "Titleist"; OC in "Curfew PSA"; OC in "Buchanan"; OC in "Players Riverboat Casino"

Modeling: Rancher in "Southeast Texas Bancshares"

Music: Football Coach in "U2 - Stuck in a Moment"

Voiceover: VO in "Baku, Inc."; VO in "Baku, Inc."

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