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 Houston, TX
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Member Spotlight 
Sylvia Rosplock
Sylvia Rosplock
Houston, TX | view full profilemore

Film: Swat Team member & Stuntwomen in "World Enforcement Team 03/07"; Host & Chef in "Ms. Bikini USA Cooking Show 10/06"; Model - Camp Fear in "Ms. Bikini USA Halloween Show 10/06"; Model in "Women 22-80 Talking about aging 08/06"; Actress 6/07 in "Documentary Film on Medical Stories"; Sodom City Scene 4/08 in ""The Year One" Shreveport, LA"

TV: Guest in "The Greg Behrendt TV Talk Show 09/06"; Actress in "The Truth Really Hurts 03/04"; Actress in " Commercial 02/05"; Model in "Honda Car Commercial- June 2007"; Business scene / Houston, TX in "Commercial: Itz Family Food & Fun Game Time / 2/08"; Family Member 4/08 in "Walmart Commercial: Summer Family Gatherings Campa"

Modeling: Actress in "Harvard Business Shoot - Training called Manage Me"; Model in "Event Entertainment Co. 01/07"; Model University of Neveda, Las Vegas,Ne in "Stock Photography for Education 07/06"; Model/ On the Cover and inside photo in "Our Texas Magazine/ On the Cover/ Spring 2005 Issu"; 2006 Inspiring Model Photo in "Fresh Faces Magazine / Atlanta, Ga 06/06"; Modeling in " Latino?s Stock Photography June 2007"; Runway Model in "Forty Plus Models 2001-2010"

Internet: Host & Chef in "G3Live Talk Show & Cooking Show 02/06 - 08/06"; Host & Cooking Chef in "G3Live 2006"

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