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Casting Call Details

Posted: Jan 21, 2010
Deadline: Mar 7, 2010
Location: Austin, TX
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:

Francine (Franky) Estelle


This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:
No ethnicity specified for this role.

Francine "Frankie" Estelle: (mid to late 20's) Is a tomboyish friend of all the guys. She is the 'lil sister' of the group and all the guys see her as such. I.E. they aren't attracted to her. She has a hard exterior but with an underlying girlish beauty that only surfaces when she's extremely distressed or comfortable. She's as damaged as Ben but rarely shows it.

21st Street Cooperative College Houses
707 W. 21st. Street
Austin, Texas 78705

Auditions are from Noon-5pm

Please bring a Headshot and Resume, be prepared with Monologue.

There may also be cold reads in groups.

Project Details:



The Dull Future of Ryan Cody is a sexually charged comedy about a bored ladies man who is searching for his true nature. Things get complicated when girls start mistaking Ben for his mysterious doppelganger Ryan Cody. He tries unsuccessfully to avoid the advances of these newfound females all while trying to answer the question: Who is Ryan Cody?

For the pilot episode we have three 'Ryan Cody' conquests:

NOTE: Ladies as this is a sexually charged comedy there will be, (you guessed it) sex scenes. We are endeavoring to keep this as classy as possible so there will be no full frontal nudity involved and no actual sex. There will however be a need for sexy girls to bare some skin. Just keep it in mind.

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