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Casting Call Details

Posted: Aug 6, 2010
Deadline: Dec 31, 2015
Location: Takoma Park, MD
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:



This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:

Special Skills:
Running involved (needs to be fit and trim, have naturally long hair, and no tattoos or piercings)

The lead character for this Christian motion picture. Age 25-39. She is a shy atheist who becomes a Christian during the time the world enters a crisis. Please email your info and headshot to:.

Project Details:



Hope, a young atheist, befriends two Christian students, Spiros and Ashley, who introduce her to their study group, headed by a teacher and retired technology CEO, Robert Bane. When he states that he has had dreams about her, she leaves the group disturbed and angry. She is befriended by a student, Jason. But when she discovers who he represents she turns to Mr. Bane for answers and realizes that she has become more involved than she wanted to be. When he is arrested Hope realizes that millions are dependent on what he was about to do. She determines to go to his computer and run the program that will involve her in a crime against her country. She must also face the desperate tactics of the President of the United States, all at a time the earth encounters a terrible crisis. Hope and the students soon realize that each and every person on Earth must choose how to respond to that crisis. Because, Earth's inhabitants are about to witness the most profound and final event in its history!

3 Angel Media is producing a feature-length motion picture dramatizing the last-day events depicted in the last book of the Bible. The purpose of the movie is to bring the Gospel and Revelation's real message to audiences who frequent the theater and purchase movies, to non-church-goers as well as to backsliden Christians. It will contain professional-quality acting and special effects.

The dramatizations will depict:

*The conversion of an atheist
*Certain important Bible subjects explained
*Persuasive deceptions that hold the world captive
*Angels, of God and of Satan, taking human form
*The passing of a "Christian" law that coerces worship
*The plagues falling, including giant fiery hailstones
*Christ's second coming, with millions of His angels

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Role Gender Age Posted Deadline Status
Mr-Bane M 40-49 Mar 20 '15 Dec 31 '15 expired
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