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Robert Olding

Gender: Male
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Weight: 160 Lbs (73 kg)
Robert Olding

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Fan Belt Purpose  Lead Adam Houle / New Image Media
The Texas Burger Massacre  Lead Andrew Hyatt / AQ Productions
Consciousness  Starring Masaya Uenoyama
Manhater  Starring Anthony Doublin / Canyon Falls Productions
The Matchbox  Lead Maarit Nissila
Coffee Clutch  Starring Irfan Merchant / StillMotion Entertainment
The Fashion  Starring Nicolas Bragg / Payoff Films
The Survivor  Starring Peter Maris / Maris Entertainment Group
Tales from the Grave 2  Starring Stephanie Beaton / Silver Moon Productions
Driving to Zigzigland  Starring Nicole Ballivian / Cinema Libra Studio
Pomegranate  Lead Kentaro Hagiwara / Sundale Dream Productions
Shady?Characters  Starring Chris Hatton / CinePede Productions
Damaged One  Starring Johnny Lorenz / Grand Mal Pictures
A Secret Handshake  Lead Sukhi Pabla / Pabla-Hazelett Productions
Gray Matter  Lead Christina Hamlin, Addiction Films
Night Terror  Starring John R. Carpenter / VCI Entertainment
The WEaKEND  Starring Marcus Niehaus / Siso Productions
The Grid  Lead James Grayford / Sarmiento Productions


The Investigators  Peter Kevin Langan/Donna Patrick Taulere / Court TV
Microkillers  Virus Hunter Kurt Sayenga / National Geographic Channel
Pathway to the Gods  Caravaggio Grant Mitchell / Solid Entertainment
Special Skills
Expert Snow Skier, Licensed Motorcyclist

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