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Edward Nattenberg

Gender: Male
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)
Weight: 167 Lbs (76 kg)
Edward Nattenberg

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Mirror Image  Husband American Academy of Art
My Place in the Horror  Martin Duly Noted Productions
Falling  Featured Mikel Ange Leyva
Slur  Robert Steve Minor


Mourning Becomes Electra  Ezra Mannon ACT--San Francisco; Jon Kretzu, director
Night Manuever  Lou Trilogy Theater--NYC; Greg O'Donovan, director
Brave Brood  Jimmy Reverie Productions--NYC; Robert O'Hara, director
A Choice of Weapons  Mayer The Raw Space--NYC; Matt Mitler, director
What About Today  Jeff Jeff Spina, director
Insurrection--Holding History  Buck Naked Columbia University--NYC; Robert O'Hara, director
Twelfth Night  Orsino ACT--San Francisco; Raye Birk, director
As You Like It  Touchstone ACT--San Francisco; Giles Havergil, director
A Christmas Carol  Old Joe ACT--San Francisco; Craig Sleight, director
Serious Money  Billy Corman ACT--San Francisco; Jonathan Moscone, director
The Ramayana  King Ravana ACT--San Francisco; Ruben Polendo, director
Who's On First  Ben Hollywood Fight Club--Los Angeles; Angela DiMarco,
Slavey  Sonny Clubbed Thumb Summerworks--NYC
Tough Titty  Dr. Pearlman Magic Theater--San Francisco
Man Without A Mask  Mike Catchy Name Theater


Industrial  Featured Roaring Mouse Productions
Industrial  Patient Center for Health Training

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