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Richardson Jones

Gender: Male
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Richardson Jones

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FLUSH  Supporting Little Belly Productions/ Jeff Macubbin


LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS  Audrey II (Voice) Pheonix Festival Theatre
CITY OF ANGELS  Munoz/ Vargas Maryland Arts Festival
ALMOST, MAINE  "Seeing the Thing" A.C.T. M.F.A 1/ Rene Augesen
A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY  Matvey/ Bolshintsov A.C.T. M.F.A. 1/ Richard Corley
DEAD MAN WALKING  Hilton Barber Fordham University/ Eva Patton
LARAMIE PROJECT  Doc/ etc. Fordham University/ Paul Giuffrida
THE LOVER  Richard Fordham University/ Tud Rucci
THE APPLE TREE  Adam Baltimore School for the Arts/ Donald Hicken
TOM SAWYER  Tom Theatreworks
M. BUTTERFLY  Kurogo Spotlighter's Theatre
CHIN MUSIC  Cliff Baltimore Playwrights' Festival
MYSTERY OF KING TUT  Howard Carter Theatreworks/USA/ Jesse Bush
KRAKEN  Father Jeremy/ Turkish Deskclerk PUSH Productions, Inc./ Michael Kimmel
SHANNON IN AMBIENT LIGHT  Ben PUSH Productions, Inc./ Michael Kimmel
MORAL VALUES: A GRAND FARCE...  President/ Grandpa/ Frat/ CIA/ etc. Fringe NYC/ Jeff Glaser
MARAT/ SADE  Patient PUSH Productions, Inc./ Michael Kimmel
SLAMMER! PRISON GIRLS  Tony Comedy Sportz Chicago
NORMAL HEART  Craig/ Grady Lincoln Square Theatre
POSEIDON! AN UPSIDEDOWN MUSICAL  Trucker Theatre Building Chicago
EVANGELINE  Gabriel Baltimore School for the Arts/ Ed Dixon

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