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Posted: Nov 2, 2009
Deadline: Nov 9, 2009
Location: Irving, TX
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:

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There is pay for this role.

This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:
No ethnicity specified for this role.

Sideshow – (18, stoner) High school senior. Best friends with Shaq and Chelsea.
Sideshow has a crush on Chelsea’s older sister, Rebecca.

Chelsea – (to play 17, attractive) High school junior. Good friends with Sideshow and Shaq. She has made out with Shaq a couple times – they have kept this a secret from Sideshow b/c they think he’ll freak out.
She’s a musician and has a band (with Bridget and Alexa). The 3-girl band won an Air Band Competition so people think that’s all they can do—for now, anyway. No one at school really knows who she is – she’s managed to stay under the radar even though she’s really pretty.
She’s insecure but needs to find that confidence if she’s going to make it in music.

Brett – (18-22) The college guy that Shaq is trying to impress with this party. Brett is in a big frat and sits on the fraternity scholarship committee.

Rover – (mid 20s – mid 30s) Sideshow’s pot dealer; still tries to hang with the younger crowd. He’s a little more on the paranoid side than the typical laid back weed dealer guy.

Jessica – (18-22, very pretty, looks like a pageant girl) Was the head cheerleader/homecoming queen in high school. Now a college freshman and seemingly has her glory days behind her.

Bridget – (17, edgy, attractive) One of the girls in Chelsea’s band.

Alexa – (17, attractive) One of the girls in Chelsea’s band.

Sage – (7-11, could be a girl or boy) Chelsea’s little sister, a precocious child who catches Shaquille in a compromising position early in the film.

Van Horn – (17-18) The Affliction-wearing ‘tool’ that gets an invite to Brett’s party.

Chin Chin – (attractive girl; to play 14) Van Horn’s younger girlfriend.

Project Details:



A group of not-so-popular high school friends get the opportunity to throw a college party at one of their houses. Things go awry when one of the frat guys turns out to be a jerk, the band gets too high to play, alcohol is flowing, inhibitions are lost, and friendships are challenged.
They experience mishaps—and gain insight—throughout the night

In the end, they’ve had quite an adventure and realize that things aren’t always as they seem—and the grass isn’t always necessarily greener at a college party.
Wednesday/Thursday; November 4/5 at Agora Entertainment in Las Colinas.
3225 Premier Drive, Suite 150 (please park and enter through the back of the building)
Irving, TX 75063
Please submit headshot and resume.

*Sides will be sent to confirmed talent before their audition date*

Other casting calls in this project:

Role Gender Age Posted Deadline Status
Shaquille-Shaq M 17-20 Nov 2 '09 Nov 9 '09 expired
Van-Horn M 17-18 Nov 2 '09 Nov 9 '09 expired
Sage N/A N/A Nov 2 '09 Nov 9 '09 expired
Alexa F N/A Nov 2 '09 Nov 9 '09 expired
Bridget F N/A Nov 2 '09 Nov 9 '09 expired
Jessica F 18-22 Nov 2 '09 Nov 9 '09 expired
Rover M 25-35 Nov 2 '09 Nov 9 '09 expired
Brett M 18-22 Nov 2 '09 Nov 9 '09 expired
Chelsea F N/A Nov 2 '09 Nov 9 '09 expired
Sideshow M 17-20 Nov 2 '09 Nov 9 '09 expired
Chin-Chin F N/A Nov 2 '09 Nov 9 '09 expired
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