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Casting Call Details

Posted: Feb 26, 2010
Deadline: Mar 16, 2010
Location: Newfield, NJ
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:


There is no pay for this role.

This role is open to non-union members.


No age requirements specified for this role.

Ethnic Look:

1. Dog>God- An insane feral man that lives in the forest. You will be required to have a cat strapped to your head and jump out of a dumpster in one scene. Must be able to produce facial tics and strange animal noises. MUST BE CRAZY. Beards preferred.

2. The Mind Eraser Madwoman- The Mojito Madman's girlfriend. She's a beautiful feral woman that loves to have sex in semi-public places and eat garbage. Must be willing to dress like a bagwoman/mental patient and simulate intercourse with the Mojito Madman in some scenes. MAY REQUIRE NUDITY.

3. The Mojito Madman- A civilized feral man that once lived in the woods surrounding Vineland, NJ. He speaks rudimentary English and works as a dishwasher at Taco Hut.

4.Matt- The Mojito Madman's friend and coworker. Matt is extremely rude and arrogant. Must be willing to be sprayed in the face with "acid".

5. Vern- The Mojito Madman's landlord. He's old and burnt out, but loves to start fires and party with everyone. He comes up with this idea to bring the spirit of Jerry Garcia back from the dead with a dark ritual.

6. Blaine the Wizard- A bizarre overweight man in his early 40's. The Wizard deals cocaine and goes on ridiculous monologues that make no sense.

7. Alex- One of the Madman's best friends, takes a lot of acid and waxes philosophic, makes extremely bizarre observations and delivers the second half of a particularly disgusting joke in one scene.

8. Terk- He's drunk, he's fat, he's a redneck who does a lot of drugs and talks about trucks. Must be VERY funny!

Project Details:



A feral man from the forest is taken in by Social Services in NJ. They teach him English and get him a job at Taco Hut. He buys a trailer and invites all his crazy, drunk, drug addicted friends over for a house warming party.

Little do they realize that an even crazier feral man of the forest with a cat strapped his head is stalking them.

The Mojito Madman is an insane feral man who once lived in the woods surrounding Vineland, New Jersey.

Social Services ends up up with him and they teach him to speak English and get him a job working as a dishwasher for Taco Hut.

Him and his friend/co-worker Matt are sent by Chef Chris to go clean the dumpsters out back. They go out there. Then, Matt finds that the Mojito Madman is afraid that there is something in one of the dumpsters.

Matt calls him a **** and checks it out. He opens the lid and is sprayed in the face with acid by a cat duct-taped to a COMPLETELY insane man named Dog>God (Dog is greater than God).

Dog>God is like a wild animal. He comes out and sniffs the two guys, making strange noises. He has a nervous tic and is easily frightened off when The Mojito Madman's friend Rob drives up in his this site's Private Messaging System (must be logged in) truck blasting death metal.

They start talking and the Madman invites them to a party that night.He just got a trailer on Iona lake in Franklinville, NJ and he wants to celebrate.

Well, it turns out that his friends are mostly rednecks and high school/college girls who drink and do a lot of drugs. So they all start to get really **%ed up.

Dog>God follows the Madman's body odor home (he takes baths in the dirt) and begins to kill off the party goers one by one in very horrible and bizarre ways.

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