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Posted: Jul 24, 2009
Deadline: Aug 31, 2009
Location: San Francisco, CA
Casting call expired.

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Ethnic Look:

Special Skills:
Fluent in Korean

IL-OH KIM(19) is a Korean immigrant who had come to the US with his father SUK-HOON when he was 12 years old. After his freshman year in college, where he had had trouble finding a comfortable group he could fit into, Il-Oh opts to work at his fatherís grocery store over the summer. Feeling estranged from both his Korean and American friends, Il-Oh lets out his frustration upon Suk-Hoon, who takes this as disrespectful.

Project Details:

Student Film


Unsure of his role in life within the US, Korean immigrant teenager Il-Oh travels inward and outward to escape the grip of his father and find an answer to his identity.

Il-Oh(19), a Korean-American teenager back from his first year of college, is working part-time at his father's grocery store over the summer. Born and raised in Korea but having spent the last 7 years in the US, Il-Oh had realized that he canít exactly fit into either group; he is yet to feel entirely comfortable around Americans, and fails to keep up with the Koreans and their rapidly changing pop culture. His frustration, aimed mainly and misguidedly at his father, builds up and eventually leads to an enraged outburst. In the end, Il-Oh finally learns that his particular situation and surroundings are not barriers, but rather gifts of the present that propel him towards a brighter future.

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