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Shariba Rivers

Gender: Female
Ethnic appearance: African-American
Height: 5' 4" (163 cm)
Weight: 134 Lbs (61 kg)
Shariba Rivers

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He Don't Make Junk  Nikki CPS Summer Filmmaking Mentorship Program
Burner  Principal Tyler Robert Forney
Finding Shelter  Sofia Leonard House; Rondell Merrill, dir.
Suntrail  Sun Priestess Dir: Fiora O'Meara
Objective Confess: Adorno/Bueller  Curator 2 Anthea Behm, dir.
Blindsided  Ellie Mark Lynall, dir.
Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft  Newscaster Talia Alberts, dir.
Back Home  Bank Interviewer Andrew Sompels, dir.
For the Cause  Fredi Katherine Nero
Jo  Nurse Harris April Wilson, dir.


The Skriker  Green Lady, Hag, others Red Tape Theatre; Dir: Eric Andrew Hoff
Plus Size  Aunt Janet Independent production
Jason and (Medea)  Chalciope and Creon (re)discover theatre; Dir: Janet Howe
Rich Man, Poor Man  Lillie Plus Size Productions; Dir: Elizabeth Nonie
Polaroid Stories  Persephone and Semele First Floor Theater; Hutch Pimentel, dir.
Bechdel Fest  Lane (Bodies); Mom (Mecca Tales) Broken Nose Theatre
Midsummer Mayhem  Puck Shakespeare Motley Crew; Janet Howe, dir.
Landmark Festival  Older Woman (A Long Trip) Prologue Theatre; Bec Willett, dir.
EL Stories, The Red Line  Various Waltzing Mechanics; City Lit Theater; Dir: Thomas
EL Stories, The Brown Line  Various Waltzing Mechanics; Greenhouse Theater; Dir: Thoma
Speaking in Tongues: The Chronicles of Babel  Trisha MPAACT; Dir: Andrea Dymond
Defamation  Ms. Allen Dir: Richard Shavzin
Over My Dead Body  Old Woman Waltzing Mechanics
Sweet Home  Pearlie MPAACT; Dir: Kim Crutcher
EL Stories, No Pants  Various Waltzing Mechanics; Dir: Zack Florent
The Rant  Denise Reeves The Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co.; Dir: Sharon Evans


Sarahnormal, eps. 1 and 6  Dorothy CAP


USAA training modules  Various Cognitive Arts
Deloitte Training Video  Trainer Cognitive Arts
Caring for Your Child's Hair  Trainer for The Cradle by Studio X


Directing Actors Workshop  Participant Janet Milstein
BTS Schindler (ndustrial)  Major Client Shift Focus
Commercial Technique  Class/Act One Studios Joanne Sylvestrak, Instructor
Fundamentals of acting  Class/Act One Studios John Green, Instructor
Siemens (industrial)  Lab Director Covert Creative Group
AT&T For Health (Industrial)  Doctor Norton Agency
Special Skills
Spanish (reading: adv; conversational: intermed)?step aerobics?Pilates?light weightlifting?swimming?cheerleading coach?piano (intermed, sight reading)?ballet (intermed)?modern dance?Am & Brit lit teacher?proofreader?flight attendant training?drive a stickshift?good with dogs?horseback riding

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