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Casting Call Details

Posted: Oct 8, 2007
Deadline: Nov 8, 2007
Location: Austin, TX
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:

looking for actors

There is no pay for this role.

This role is open to non-union members.


No age requirements specified for this role.

Ethnic Look:
No ethnicity specified for this role.

Special Skills:
improv experience a plus

No synopsis for this role provided.

Project Details:




PREMISE ? Baxter has been the lead singer in a rock band along with his brother Liam for most of his adult life trying to make it big. The day comes when he finally has a hit record, but things come crashing down on him and his band when they are sued for stealing the melody on the hit song. The one song that made them household names ruins their rock-stardom forever. In the midst of this horrible news, Baxter?s ex-wife dies and her son, Boomer, is left in his custody. Baxter and his brother Liam rent a small house with the little money they have and take Boomer in.


Baxter (mid to late 30s) - Baxter is confident and full of himself. Years of adoring fans have inflated his ego. He claims and is certain that he invented the catch-phrase "rock on!" He?s been a "rockstar" all of his adult life so when it comes to normal day to day routines such as changing a fuse or buying produce, Baxter is a bit slow. He?s one of the beautiful people. He once broke a date with Heidi Klum because he was having a bad eybrow day. He can carry a decent tune but other than that he has no musical talent. Baxter is always getting in deeper and deeper because of his obstinance and stubbornness. He?s always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. When he talks he likes to think he sounds very important and smart, but in the end he is kind of an airhead. Teens are foreign to him. He grew up in England with a blue-collar family that rarely spoke to each other. He worked all the time and never had much of a childhood. He and his brother lived on a steady diet of spam, beer, and cigarettes.

Point of empathy - . Baxter may be self-absorbed but underneath it all he?s trying to do the right thing. He sincerely wants to bond with his son but he always says or does the wrong thing. He may be handsome, but he virtually has no talents. He has no money and appears to have no future.

Comic Flaws ? Now that he has been domesticated, Baxter is a fish out of water. He is blissfully unaware of his faults. He says and does the wrong things and suffers dearly. Socially obtuse. Baxter has an inferiority complex with his brother.

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Role Gender Age Posted Deadline Status
Baxter M 35-39 Oct 8 '07 Nov 8 '07 expired
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