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Posted: Nov 1, 2010
Deadline: Nov 8, 2010
Location: Nationwide
Casting call expired.

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There is pay for this role.

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Denora Desade
Age: 80
Place of Birth: France (But spend the bulk of her life in England)
Accent: Undefined snooty European.


Denora is the often described "Wicked Witch of the West coast". wicked, witty, intelligent and evil to the core she seems to be able to do what few witches Mother of a equally wicked 14 year old witch named Claudia.

Denora. Prowls the west coast looking for "love" and mischief. (kind of like sex in the city only evil and with magic)


Denora is a complex individual.

She loves here immortal life and the freedom of being a witch. Mortal laws mean nothing to her and she does as she pleases only avoiding the few actions like using magic to make money that break witch law,

Because of that law and Denora's love of shooping and excess she is a bit of a gold digger seeking out men for their money only to do away with them magically later. (Usually by turning them into something)

On the other hand she's also loyal friend and a very loving and protective mother. In fact Claudia's dad is the only man who has left her who she didn't do away with.

Project Details:



Denora’s law-
Denora Desade is a woman used to getting what she wants. And with good reason, she intelligent, beautiful and witty. Oh and did I mention she’s also an almost century year old immortal witch with a wicked street a mile long?

But Denora has a problem. Her current love a young millionaire she wants to fleece for everything he owns family has disowned him for dating beneath his station. Now Denora must call upon her two fellow witch friends and every dirty trick she knows to gain back the boyfriends fortune. And if she’s lucky manage not to fall in love along the way.

Denora’s Law is a dark comedy indie-movie about class, magic and love in a world where those three things rarely meet.

Feature Length Movie

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