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Casting Call Details

Posted: Mar 19, 2008
Deadline: Apr 26, 2008
Location: Houston, TX
Casting call expired.

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Role Details:

Jack Conte

There is no pay for this role.

This role is open to non-union members.



Ethnic Look:

Special Skills:
Aggressive, conniving actor - type. Very well spoken.

Male, 40's, fairly attractive, fit looking. Italian or Latin complexion preferred. Jack is a proffesional official that also runs an organized crime family.

Project Details:



'The Figure' is a feature length horror / suspense / crime thriller consisting of four short cliffhanger segments.

It is the saga of a misguided group of characters that become involved in an international smuggling ring. These same characters are also witnessing a mysterious 'figure' that appears before their eyes prior to their fated deaths.


Death watches us. Death awaits us. Each passing day we lose our patience, our hope, our innocence, and our breath


FACT: Harry Marlowe is dying. Less than a week to live.

FACT: For a week now, while this overworked, stressed, and chronic smoker enjoys his evening cigarette outside, a mysterious ?figure? is visible to him on his private street. It just stands and stares at him. Every evening when he is out, it is one step closer to him.

FACT: But if that isn?t enough to add to his hypertension, Harry has haphazardly opted to retire early by being paid large sums of money to assist local members of organized crime smuggle illegal goods. From one perspective, it is a relatively easy assignment, until something goes wrong.

FACT: The odds are closing in on this dedicated family man, and if the cigarettes don?t kill ya, somebody else, or something else, may fill that gap.


WHAT?S NEW? It is six months later.

AND??Elaine Marlowe is out for revenge against the organization that doomed her late husband Harry. She enlists the help of a private investigator to keep constant surveillance on Joe Conte and his treacherous smuggling operation, which is now in full swing at the late Harry Marlowe?s company. Tank is also tasked with keeping tabs on Elaine?s daughter Katie, who has run amok and is now working for the same people that her mother wants to bring down.

SO??..while Elaine secretly plots her lone revenge, and P.I. Tank Bush uncovers what he can, the internal treachery of the smuggling operation is exposed involving a Conte kin. We also see the rise to power of the young and ambitious Janice Stone, who benefits from the deaths and misdeeds of others in the Marlowe organization to rise to the top, but not without a price.

THUS???with each act of impulse and violence that most of our twisted characters conduct, death awaits at the door. And it may be concluded that it offers one last warning.


Private Investigator Tank Bush now wants out. He has seen the mess from Part II. He has also seen Death. And he grows fearful and weary. This fear forces him to hire a specialist in the paranormal field, the young and eccentric Dale King, to help him come to grips with what he is witnessing.

The ever calculating Janice Stone meets the final Conte, Jack. Jack has been behind the curtain all long. Jack perhaps, is the deadliest Conte. Jack tells Janice his wishes. And a deadly rivalry ensues between two megalomaniac personalities.

Tank and Dale think they have uncovered the purpose of Death?s visits, and Dale advises Tank to get out while he can.

But it may be too late for Tank, the treason around him exposed, he makes one final attempt to escape the inevitable.


Death has issued its climactic warnings. Now it will initiate the final collection of all negligent souls

IT IS FINAL??.The smuggling ring has been exposed after a highly publicsized arrest. Signs of implosion are imminent, and the ever ambitious Jack Conte wages an all out war against those he fears can bring him and his high endeavors down to the ground.

IT IS FINAL??Janice Stone couldn?t feel more vulnerable right now. She initiates a personal, two-fold mission of her own: Save herself first, then the country.

IT IS FINAL??Dale King knows death. He understands death. He awaits death. But he realizes he must save those worth saving, and bring down those worth destroying.

IT IS FINAL??A climactic, violent saga where the figure of death is ever present to the innocent and not so innocent alike. A climactic saga where we witness the corruption that exists behind everyday scenes involving those we yearn to respect.

Few easy answers exist when the collector of souls has come for yours!

The Figure is death. Death watches us. Death awaits us. Each passing day we lose our patience, our hope, our innocence, and our breath

The Figure is a feature length script constructed like a cliffhanger series. Mmuch in the tradition of Quentin Tarantino

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Role Gender Age Posted Deadline Status
Jake-Conte M 30-39 Apr 8 '08 Apr 15 '08 expired
Janice-Stone F 30-39 Mar 19 '08 Apr 22 '08 expired
ELAINE-MARLOWE F 40-49 Apr 27 '08 May 21 '08 expired
John-Benham M 40-49 Apr 27 '08 May 28 '08 expired
Jake-Conte M 30-39 May 22 '08 Jun 20 '08 expired
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