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Barry W. Brown

Gender: Male
Ethnic appearance: Caucasian
Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)
Weight: 230 Lbs (104 kg)
Barry W. Brown

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Frantic Clam album cover  contestant Holland's eye Photography


The Dieing Dead  lead- Dr. Richard Jackal Eds Productions, dir Edgar Rodrigues
Jonah  Detective Abe Rossi Dir Azael Barrera / producer Tara Tawater
The Knife Licker  extra Median Films
HAVC Industrial sales Training film  Home owner/Husband Brazos Films
Maggies' Passage  extra Dir Mike Norris
Zero One  featured extra Grey Area Filmworks , Dir Kareem Grey
student commercial project  Barry Drew Hunicutt
101 Secrets  featured extra Captain Kitty Films, Dir Aron Cho
Truth  Sith Lord Dahkon Dir Brandon Ives
Student film short  Detective Brown Patel films, Dir Mitul Patel
Striketeam Archangel  Tim Twitchy Dolphin Productions
Anchor Ed  Mountain Man Dir Eric Chislom
Legend Of Drizzt, Streams of Silver  Regis Windwest Productions Dir Ruben Martinez


"Hell Yeah" music video  Sherrif Nova Entertainment/ Sony Records
Special Skills
ride motorcycle, horse, fly plane, rapelling, can handle weapons: pistol, rifle, knife, sword, staff, sword & sheild, bow (long & recurve). Trained in hand to hand combat, sword & sheild.

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